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Warmachine: Menoth Champion Order of the Wall 101

Menoth has a new solo in town. See what the Champion of the Order of the Wall can do.

Menoth Revelator 101: Burninating the Countryside

Menoth’s newest colossal the Revelator has hit the rack and it is seeing through the darkness.

New Protectorate of Menoth Colossals and Cygnar Blockhouse

Privateer Press is releasing Judicator and Revelator Warjacks for the Protectorate of Menoth and a Cygnaran Trencher.

Menoth: Warder Elias Gade is a Deadeye

Menoth Errant lovers everywhere, if you like crossbows there is a new solo out that is a must have.

Warmachine Theme Highlight: The Faithful Masses

The THEMEPOCALYPSE has come to pass.  Today we take a look and one of Menoth’s awesome new themes!

Privateer: Talks Craelix & Elias Gade

Will Hungerford talks up the two newest Solos to join the ranks of the Protectorate and Legion.

Protectorate: Believe in the Devout/Dervish/Purifier

  The new light jack kit is out for Menoth.  Today we look at what the 3 lights in this kit do and how to make the most of them.

Protectorate: Deliverer Arms Master Brings the Heat

Menoth’s classic shooting unit just got a solo to help them out.  Come check out the Deliverer Arms Master.

Privateer: New May Releases

Coming soon from Privateer Press, a trio of solos and a new light jack for the Protectorate.

Privateer: New Skorne & Menoth Army Boxes

Warmahordes players – two new all in one 50pt army boxes are being unveiled for you Makeda & Vindictus fans.

Menoth: Eye of Truth Sees You

Menoth has a new character jack in town and he sees everything. Check out this new powerhouse given to the true believers.

Menoth: Feora the Conquering Flame

Check out Feora in her 3rd form, on a horse! You’ll be amazed how fast your unbelieving enemies catch fire!

What's New