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40K For the Masses: How To Build An Army For Fun – Part 2 List Time

  Join Abe as he continues on his quest to build a fun – and effective army.

BREAKING: House Cawdor, Beasts, and Bounty Hunters

Come take a look at what’s next for Necromunda, or Nextcromunda if you will. Get a glimpse of House Cawdor, the new “pets” and bounty hunters all brought to you via Warhammer Fest.

BREAKING: Necromunda Minis & Harlequins Pics

Necromunda minis, and the next House is revealed as well as a glance at codex Harlequins.

Necromunda: Van Saar Gang Unboxing

The Van Saar Gang is out now and in stores – come join us as we take a look inside the box!

Gang Wars, Venators, and Webway Doors abound in this month’s White Dwarf

Images from this month’s White Dwarf are bubbling across the Internet. Today we find rules and rumors from Gang War 3, for Bounty Hunter Bands, and some spicy Webway Portal details.

GW: New Van Saars, Deepkin & Chaos “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop’s weekend pre-orders are available! Get ready for an invasion from all over with the Van Saars for Necromunda, Isharann Heroes for Idoneth Deepkin, and the Doom Lords for Blood Bowl!

GW: Van Saar & The Doom Lords Pre-Orders This Weekend

Heroes of the Idoneth Deepkin arrive for pre-order along side a new Gang and Blood Bowl Team! Check out these fantastic new models from Games Workshop!

GW: White Dwarf Teases New Xenos Terrain & More

We are getting a ton of previews for the content in the May White Dwarf – New Gang Rules for Necromunda, a new fast-paced mini game for Tzeentch Sorcerers, and a brand new Aeldari Terrain Feature: A Webway Gate!

FW: New Necromunda ‘Hired Guns’ Pre-Orders Available

Necromunda is getting a few Mercs from Forge World this weekend – plus the Goliath Weapon Pack is available for Pre-Order. If you’ve got the creds, you can get the firepower!

Necromunda: Gang War 3 Teasers

Games Workshop ran down some of the upcoming changes for Gang War 3 – other than the arrival of the Van Saar Gang. Come check out the new art and what you can expect in the new supplement!

Next Week’s Necromunda, Deepkin & Blood Bowl Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

Necromunda returns alongside the third “wave” of Idoneth Deepkin, and Blood Bowl. Get ready for some watery plasma awesomeness this week!

FW Preview: House Orlock Hired Gun & Cyber-Mastiff

Forge World is letting the dogs out with the latest Hire Gun for Necromunda. It’s a House Orlock Merc and he’s bringing a faithful friend along for the bounty. I just hope you packed some Scooby Snacks for this four-legged fiend!

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