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Vampire The Masquerade Steps From The Shadows With A 5th Edition

  Time to dig out your Cure records, black eyeliner, mesh shirts, and ten-sided dice. Because the Kindred are back, bringing with them all the scheming, conspiracies in the shadow, and smug haughty posturing between Camarilla and Sabbat that we know and love.

Next Week’s Necromunda, Deepkin & Blood Bowl Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

Necromunda returns alongside the third “wave” of Idoneth Deepkin, and Blood Bowl. Get ready for some watery plasma awesomeness this week!

FW Preview: House Orlock Hired Gun & Cyber-Mastiff

Forge World is letting the dogs out with the latest Hire Gun for Necromunda. It’s a House Orlock Merc and he’s bringing a faithful friend along for the bounty. I just hope you packed some Scooby Snacks for this four-legged fiend!

Wyrd: Abyssinian Marauders Roar Onto the Battlefield

  The Marauders use their fast motorcycles to get behind enemy lines. They disrupt supply lines and end their ability to bring in reinforcements.

D&D: Designs, Drafting, Discussion, and Dragon+ Pt. 2

  It takes a lot to transform an idea from concept to rules mechanic–come watch as Jeremy Crawford, lead rules designer for D&D talks about taking the Order Domain through the design process.

40K RUMORS: Imperial Knights New Models Latest

  The Imperial Knight rumor mill is working overtime. Here’s the latest info doing the rounds.

Deepkin Wave 2, Necromunda, D&D Classics, Cryx, Hellboy & Groot!

  This weekend was busy gamers. We have Idoneth Keepkin Wave 2, Necromunda imminent, a D&D classic returns, Cryx pirates, Hellboy & I AM GROOT!

The Van Saar Join The Fight For The Underhive

House Van Saar is known for its use of energy weapons and powerful shielding suits–which, sure, might be irradiating and killing them, but man are they cool. See what they bring to the battle for the Underhive.

BTGOA: Isorian Phase Squad A & B & Individuals

Come and take a look at the Isorian Phase Squads, now available as a bundle or as individuals from Warlord Games. Take your troops Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Next Week From GW – Luring In The Idoneth Deepkin

The Third Wave of the Deepkin surges forth next week, bringing with it the magic of the Isharann and some deadly new heroes that will drown your foes in the Ethersea.

Privateer Press – Blighted Trollkin, Black Ogrun Belchers, and Misery

Prepare yourself, not only are the Satyxis setting sail, they are joined by the bigger, beefier forces of the Cryx fleets this week. Get your Black Ogrun Belchers and Blighted Trollkin Marauders today.

Adventure Awaits Once More In The Borderlands

Into the Unknown and Keep on the Borderlands might be two of the most renowned non-tpk-inducing D&D adventures out there. Revamped for 5th Edition, you can return once more to the Borderlands, or venture out to this part of D&D history for the first time thanks to Goodman Games’ reprint of the classic adventures.

What's New