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New This Month From Privateer Press – Hordes and Blighted Beasts

The Blighted Beasts of the Legion come stomping into the forefront this week. We’ve got a preview of some of the monsters that will be coming out later this month. So if you like blighted beasties, get ready for the latest from the Legion.

GW: New Licensed Games Spotted at GAMA

Ninja Division and Iello have two great licensed games coming out this year – take a look!

Learn the ‘Way Of The Fighter’ to Become The Battle Champion!

  Choose your fighter, build your deck and battle your way to victory. Will you become the fighting champion? I’m Shoryuken do it!

BoLS: STREAMING NOW – Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game

Come play Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game – control the wards to rule the city!

In-Depth Look At ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Card Game By Ninja Division

  Ninja Division is bringing the world of Tokyo Ghoul to the tabletop with a new deck builder that really flips the format on its head.

40K: Chapter Approved – Points on Points

See how the points have changed in Chapter Approved–it’s Marines Madness.

BoLS Book Club: Legacies, Shadowmasters, and Overlords

Come check out the latest Black Library Releases, including an extremely limited edition Dark Angels boxed set.

Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures KS – Last Chance

We’re in the final hours for the Starfinder Masterclass Minis–get in before it’s too late!

Tokyo Ghoul Makes Jump To Table Top

Ninja Division brings us two new games. One based on the popular series, Tokyo Ghoul and one in the classic arcade fighter style style.

Rail Raiders Infinite: Is Great Chibi Heist Fun

It’s a sci-fi train heist on the chibi express. ALL ABOARD!

Ninja Division GenCon Booth

Come join the BoLS Crew as we visit Ninja Division and take a look at the cool new games you can expect to see.

WFB: Doomseeker Takes Players Back to the Old World

Ninja Division is producing a Dwarf Slayer game set in Warhammer Fantasy’s Old World!

What's New