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Kromlech: Greatcoat Banner Bearer

This Ork bears aloft the last remnants of a Banner Year.

Malign Portents Doesn’t Leave Mushroom for New Character

Destruction’s new character released under the Malign Portents is the life of every party.

Table Top Gallery: Beach Cleanup

Marine life can be impacted by your discarded Kans. Please recycle.

HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Week of Blogging #149

My Shadespire orruks are done and I’ve painted a miniature for my Nurgle project as well!

40K: New Faction Rules in Chapter Approved

Chapter Approved has some new rules for your favorite faction, assuming your favorite faction is one of the eleven featured in the book.

HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Week of Blogging #148

A painted mini! But more WiPs as well as some Shadespire action!

40k Interview Val Heffelfinger: The Waaagh Was Already Great

Hi everyone – BBF here with an interview with Val Heffelfinger who took 2nd Best Overall at the Atlanta Warzone 40k GT this past weekend.

Shadespire Decks on Display

With the Grand Clash for Shadespire in the bag, here’s a look at a top Ironskullz deck!

Tabletop Gallery: The Doom of Davish Krail

Fightapilots Ghooz and Maugh-Verik seen displaying their cunning ability to come from behind.

Kromlech’s Orc Doc Biker REVVS It Up

Kromlech’s got a Orky Doc Biker you need to see.

Tabletop Gallery: Looted Vehikles

“Ork Life Lessonz – Anything can be looted if you try hard enough.”

Iello & Devil Pig Announce WH40K: Heroes of Black Reach

A new way to play in the Warhammer 40k universe is on its way – check this out!

What's New