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Infinity: Painting Operation Icestorm: Part 1

I’ve been busy painting up my Operation Icestorm starter for Infinity. Here’s a play by play of a Fusilier. First I glued him and his arm to an old paint pot, and primed them with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. The face is next. Since the people of  Pan Oceania aren’t all Caucasians, I left all […]

Infinity: Operation Icestorm Unboxed

Oh y’know, just a little something I picked up at Gencon…  Let’s take a look at Corvus Belli’s new Infinity starter box. Corvus Belli’s new two-player starter for Infinity was one of the hottest items at this year’s Gencon. It’s hard to believe that this was the scene at the Corvus Belli booth Thursday morning […]

The DiRT – Everything We Know About Operation:Icestorm

Last week, Corvus Belli teased about Operation:IceStorm.  But just maybe, they left us bread crumbs to follow. The News – Operation:Icestorm Daily Images Last week on Corvus Belli’s Facebook page and here at BoLS’s Gamewire, fans of Infinity were treated to a daily dose of images leading up to the announcement of Operation:Icestorm.  If you […]

Infinity – Dire Foe Profiles Released

On November 21st, Corvus Belli released the profiles for the first 3 Dire Foe packs.  How can a player use them, new rules regarding them, and what they will mean for your army list. Before we dive too far down into the topic, I quickly realized that I had a bunch of analysis that I […]