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The Great Wargaming Survey Needs You

The deadline to participate in this year’s survey is nearly here – be heard!

Decide 40K’s Burning Questions – VOTE!

40K players, here is your chance to vote on some of 40Ks burning questions. The ITC Q2 Rules Poll is here!

D&D: Community Survey Prestige Classes & Rune Magic

Wizards needs your help with the February 2016 community survey on Prestige Classes, Rune Magic and more.  Come help!

D&D: Unearthed Arcana Rules Feedback Survey

Wizards wants all you Dungeons & Dragons players to weigh in on two recent sets of proposed rules.  Have your say!

Wargamer Poll: Why do You Buy Models?

It’s time to get to the truth: Why and How do you buy the models that you own fellow gamers?  Take the Poll!

D&D: The Ranger – Community Survey Results

Wizards set out to determine why was wrong with the Ranger.  Here is what they found out:

40k Editorial: Erratas, FAQs and Customer Service

  It’s your friendly neighborhood Black Blow Fly here to pontificate on a hot topic and discuss the game some so love to hate.

Poll: Does GW make the Best Miniatures in the World?

    It’s community opinion time. Folks have been saying that GW rules the miniatures universe on quality for a while – have your say!

Do You Buy Minis Without Rules?

One reader has a question about your miniatures shopping habits – how important are rules to you? by YorkNecromancer Simple enough. GW have announced their new policy of releasing models without rules, the better to ‘trick’ us into buying a model that looks great, only to find we invested a small fortune in something that […]

POLL: The Great GW Pricing Poll

We all talk a lot about how GW’s prices are affecting the playerbase It’s time for a community poll and to really get some percentage breakdowns.Today I want you to help us take the community’s temperature. It’s time to be honest here. I want you to look at your hobby budget, price some of the things […]

Wargaming Poll – How Do We Play?

We all talk a lot about how we choose games from pickups to competitions. It’s time for a community poll and to really get some percentage breakdowns.Today I want you to help us take the community’s temperature.  No matter what game you play from 40K to X-Wing, we want to hear form you. What is […]

The Easiest and Hardest Wargames are?

What are the easiest and hardest wargames to play?  Make your voice count!So today I want to talk about something has been brought back up with the recent rumors regarding WFB. It something that can make or break otherwise equally good wargames systems: barrier to entry. I want to get your thoughts on the big […]

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