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Privateer: Unboxing Monsterpocalypse

Take a tour of Privateer Press’ new GIGANTIC game Monsterpocalypse headed your way this fall.

EXCLUSIVE: Privateer Preview – Monsterpocalyse Sneak Peek

Privateer Press has a new BoLS EXCLUSIVE Preview for the upcoming Monsterpocalypse and…it’s kinda cute!

Privateer Press: June New Releases

The Legion of Everblight brings their corrupted taint to the tabletop in the latest batch of new releases from Privateer Press. Prepare for a feast of doom–mostly because one of the models is literally the Doomfeaster.

Privateer: Active Duty Season 8 Rosters Announced

Take a look at the Active Duty Rosters for the latest Champions format.

Iron Kingdoms RPG: Sataxis Gunslinger Rules

  Privateer’s got an all new Pirate-y gunslinging career option for your Iron Kingdoms RPG adventures!

There Are 24 Hours Left To Get Your Man-O-War Siege Chariot

There are 24 hours left to reserve your copy of the Man-O-War Siege Chariot, which is just the perfect example of Khadoran gumption. Why make a massive warjack colossus when you can instead strap heavy armor and guns to horses. Which is exactly what the latest Black Anchor model is.

Painting Textured Leather And Rocket Weather With Privateer Press

Painting leather can be tricky–it’s brown, which can be so easy to make flat and plain and boring. But leather, done well, can really pop. So today we have a couple of videos that show off some techniques for painting leather (or other brown things).

New This Month From Privateer Press – Hordes and Blighted Beasts

The Blighted Beasts of the Legion come stomping into the forefront this week. We’ve got a preview of some of the monsters that will be coming out later this month. So if you like blighted beasties, get ready for the latest from the Legion.

Privateer Press: May Releases For Hordes

Privateer Press has a big batch of baddies heading to a tabletop near you! The Legion is getting some big reinforcements this month – and they are looking pretty mean!

Monsterpocalypse Now! New Minis Come Crashing In

It’s a veritable cavalcade of Kaiju today as another wave of previews for Privateer Press’ Monsterpocalypse come crashing through. Check out this sweet saucer and attack chopper as well.

Unlock the Misery Cage, Unload Scharde Pirates

Pirate month winds to a close with Privateer Press’ last batch of Cryx releases. The Misery Cage, which let’s not think about how this makes its way around the battlefield, is joined by the Scharde Pirates for a bunch of blighted buccaneers.

Warmachine-Hordes: Armored Corps CID is Live!

Privateer just pushed all the latest CID cycle changes live today. Get em while they’re HOT.. or Khadoran ICE COLD!

What's New