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Hobby: Care and Feeding Your Paint Brushes

Of all of the tools we use, the most important are our paint brushes. Here’s some tips to keeping your brushes in ship shape for the long haul. As you get more into painting you’ll want to invest in good brushes. I use Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes while Goatboy uses Raphael Series 8404 […]

40K: Ressurecting Old Gaming Aids

Greetings! Psyberwolfe here fresh from the resurrection ship. I’ve been spending the last coupled weeks curled up with the 6th edition book and I noticed Games Workshop inadvertently resurrected an old gaming aid. That’s right Games Workshop actually made a discontinued product usable again. Well I bet you’re wondering what they inadvertently resurrected. Well without […]

Hobby: Vallejo Weathering Powders

Greetings! Psyberwolfe here with another Hobby Video. After my three months of Con prep/work, I’m back with another Hobby video offering. This time I’m presenting some basics on using Vallejo Weathering Powders. I’m pretty happy with the effects they produce. Have a look at this and then try them out for yourself. If you have […]

FoW Review: Plastic Rubble Bases

One of the more daunting aspects of Flames of War is the basing. Lets take a look at how to make basing a breeze! When you get your first company box you open it up to find an hundred or more figures and these flat grey bases you’re going to end up adding life to. […]

FOW Review: Burning Empires

Recently I have found myself reading about the exploits in the Balkans during the early years of WWII. A few months ago Battlefront released the Early War supplement “Burning Empires” which gives us forces for use in Flames of War for this explosive region of Europe. This supplement is chalk full of goodies. What makes […]

Review: GF9 Bestial Huts.

Greetings Readers! Psyberwolfe here with another review. Today we are going to take a quick look at Gale Force 9’s new Bestial Huts. Let’s dive in. GF9 has yet again hit another homerun. What we see here is the Chieftain Hut set and the Bestial Huts set. Each set sells for $25 which I think […]

FOW Review: Hellfire and Back

Hello BoLS readers. It’s Psyberwolfe with another Flames of War product review. Today we’ll be looking at the second Early War supplement. “Hellfire and Back” focuses on the actions in North Africa during the Years of 1940-1941. Let’s see what this book has. As I’ve said on many occasions I really love that all of […]

Review: FOW Dust Clouds

Hey guys Psyberwolfe here with a quick review on the Gale Force 9 Dust Cloud Markers for Flames of War. Lets open the box and see what is inside. Inside the box we have 6 nicely pre-painted and differently modeled dust clouds markers. They match the colors of the desert scheme terrain that was recently […]

Review: Gale Force 9 Desert Terrain

Greetings Readers! Psyberwolfe here with another product review. Today we’re going to look at 3 of Gale Force 9’s Battlefield Essentials products. Today we’ll be looking at the Desert Escarpments, Desert Extra Large Hill, and the Desert Palm Trees. Let’s dive right in. Gale Force 9 is doing something that I find very interesting with […]

FOW Review: Cassino

Greetings gentle reader. Today we’re looking at the book “Cassino: Italy, January – May, 1944.” So let’s crack open the book and see what is inside.  It has been awhile since I’ve reviewed a Flames of War Intelligence Briefing and so to mark this momentous occasion I thought I would dive into the Late War […]

WARMACHINE REVIEW: Thyra, Flame of Sorrow

Greetings BoLS readers. Psyberwolfe here and today we’re looking at Menoth’s newest caster from Wrath: Thyra, Flame of Sorrow. Today we’ll be reviewing the figure. In the future I’ll discuss how I’ll be using her in games and units I think that will mesh well with her. I’ll be looking at three categories: sculpt, assembly, […]