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Raging Heroes: New Void Elves are Stone Cold

These elven warriors will slice and dice any enemy that gets in their way!

The Sisters of Eternal Mercy Are Here to Save Your Soul

Raging Heroes is adding to their super popular Toughest Girls of the Galaxy – these ladies are ready to kick ass!

Raging Heroes: WarStages Terrain Looks Amazing

This detailed terrain is sure to add high drama to your games – from massive battles to skirmishes.

Raging Heroes: New TGG Lust Elves Box

Four more gorgeous models from the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2 KS are available – with free shipping!

Raging Heroes: New Awesome Sisters Models

Raging Heroes releases their first Sisters models! Free Shipping extended to Wednesday April 12th!

Raging Heroes: New Dark Elves

Free Shipping on these beauties ends Monday the 10th!

40K: Top 5 Ways to Add More Grim-Dark Women

Games Workshop has a really cool opportunity ahead and that is to add more women to the Grim-Dark. Here’s how!

Raging Heroes: New Heavy Weapons Teams

It’s time for the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy to bring the BOOM! The Heavy weapon teams are here.

Raging Heroes: New TGG Warbikes

Need some badass lady bikers for your army?

Raging Heroes: Manticore with Lady Kashala

The first model to be released from their latest Kickstarter is a beauty… and a beast!

GW Mystery Minis, Space Sharks & Lady Mechas

You missed a busy weekend tabletop fans. Let’s get right to it!

The “Toughest Girls” Get Mechas

The Raging Heroes are back with Mecha for the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy!

What's New