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AoS: New Endless Spells Preview – Magic Lives On

In the second edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Magic is taking on a new life of it’s own. With the Endless Spells, Wizards will have all new ways to use magic – but be careful what you wish for.

Star Wars X-Wing: Take Action With Second Edition

  Fantasy Flight Games previews the second edition of X-Wing’s actions. It looks like everyone is getting a few new tricks up their Ace Piloting Sleeves.

AoS: The Trees Are Back – Sylvaneth Faction Focus

The latest preview from Games Workshop gives the Sylvaneth the Green Light – It’s go time for plant-people!

D&D: Bonus Actions For Bonus Tractions

  Shield Mastery is a feat you might not have considered too much before this week–but now everyone’s talking about it. Let’s talk about why.

AoS: Legions of Nagash In The New Edition

The Dead do not rest in peace in the Age of Sigmar. Today we get a preview of what the warriors of the realm of Shyish will bring to the tabletop – It’s a post-Necroquake (under)world out there!

AoS: Summoning Gets A Makeover

Age of Sigmar takes a major swipe at summoning units to the tabletop. Get ready to bring in the back-up in new and exciting ways – for FREE!

Warmachine: Scharde Dirge Seers Tactics

The Cryx Black Fleet brings along with it another new unit, the Scharde Dirge Seers. Lets check out these pirate witches and talk about the best ways to use their abilities.

D&D: The Touching Story Behind The Tome Of Foes’ Scariest Monster

The origins of the Oblex are surprisingly heartwarming for so horrifying a monster. Proof that even terrors engineered by Mind Flayers can cause feels.

40K: Wrath And Glory Pre-Orders Start Next Friday

Wrath and Glory will be up for pre-order or “pre-sale” next Friday. Here’s a first look at the Core and Campaign books to celebrate.

40K BREAKING: Imperial Knight Point Rumors

The Knight Rumormill has spun up again and this time we’re getting a gauge of the point changes for these Imperial Tin-cans. Come see how these point changes will impact your list!

AoS: Daughters of Khaine & New Artefacts of Power in 2.0

The focus is on the Daughters of Khaine in the this preview from Games Workshop. Plus we get a tease about Realm-Specific Artefacts of Power!

FFG: Legend of the Five Rings Gets Beta Multiplayer Rules

It was only a matter of time. Legend of the Five Rings has gone full circle and once again has rules of Multiplayer. The Beta Rules are free and online right now!

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