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Pimpcron: My Spouse Loves My Warhammer Addiction

Hello my fearless followers, it is your loving Pimpcron and I am here to discuss all of the ways that this Warhammer hobby has improved my life.

BIG FAQ1 Will Ruin 40k Says Gamer Who Hasn’t Played Since 3rd Edition

  EMBARRASS, MN – The Warhammer 40k 8th edition BIG FAQ has recently arrived with a thunderous roar, blasting its way across FLGS gaming tables, inciting heated debate on various gaming podcasts, and irrevocably changing the face of this popular, and much-loved game.

‘Global Survival’ is Absolutely NOT the Worst Game Ever

An in-depth look at the worst rated game ever, and explaining that it’s definitely, absolutely, totally not the worst game ever.

Pimpcron: Fake Game Store Headlines

From a cashier who ruins lives, to a store that causes missing persons.

Satire: Necron Lord is Suing All GW Customers

Hide your kids, hide your wife, Pimpcron’s suing everybody up in here.

Pimpcron: 40k Lore Needs To Be Toned Down

From undying metallic horror to concerned parent in 3/10 of a second.

Geekery: Sometimes You Just Have to Flip a Table

We’ve all wanted to at some point in our gaming careers…. revel in it, for once.

The emperor’s beard #230: History repeating itself

“Gentlemen, you can’t raptor in here. This is the Raptor Room!”

Pimpcron: Welcome To Warhammer Hell

Pimpcron gives you a tour of what hell is like for gamers.

Pimpcron’s Guide To Winning Every 40k Battle

Pimpcron knows this one weird trick that doctor’s don’t want you to see!

Everything That Is Wrong With 40k

A Pimpcron article from another 40K dimension. How are things different on “the other side”?

40K: Just Let People Enjoy Things

Pimpcron is preaching Peace. Or is he?

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