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Category: Satire

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GW: Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is on Monday and you don’t have a costume? Here are some awesome costumes to inspire you!

The emperor’s beard #118: The next moral panic

“Think of the geeky children”

Army Review: Codex Battle Company (Oprah Edition)

Sales of Rhinos, Razorbacks and Drop Pods had been tailing off. I know just the thing for that…

Tabletop Spotlight: Super PACS

The Tabletop Spotlight is on Super PAC$! – Will you be able to win the game of politics?

Tau Tactics: Codex Riptide Wing

Today we take a satirical look at the Imperium’s most dreaded foe – the dreaded tau forces of Codex: Riptide Wing.

Dirty Secrets of the Wargaming World EXPOSED!

Pimpcron risks it all to blow the whistle. Read it before they take it down!

You WILL Play 40k!

Pimpcron has a fake argument with his son about his hobbies.

Army Review: Codex Deathstar

Today a review of the most infamous releases from GW, the dreaded Codex: Deathstar! Space Marine Edition!

Army Review: Codex Grav

Codex: Grav has become a powerful force in the 40k universe. Take a look at the history of this noble race and its impact upon the game.

40k: How To Keep Your Cool And Have Fun

Everyone needs to read this. Pimpcron has figured it out.

3 Times People Made History Playing 40k

Pimpcron exposes some jaw dropping moments that you probably missed.

Breaking: PM May Talks Brexit with Minister of Magic

Late Wednesday night Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt met with new Muggle Prime Minster Theresa May.

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