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Category: Sci-fi

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Tabletop Spotlight: Mutant Crawl Classics RPG

Ever wanted to be a half-man, half-plant, half-beetle? Be 150% of everything you’ve ever wanted in Mutant Crawl Classics RPG.

GaleForce Nine: Galactic Warzone Terrain Lands Soon

GaleForce Nine has a new Battlefield in a Box set of terrain coming out soon. These fully painted resin kits are ready to play right out the box and look perfect for battles in galaxies far, far away.

New Skullbots from MaxMini are Here to Serve You

  Need an extra eye on the battlefield, a bodyguard to watch your back or something to make you tea just the way you like it? These Skullbots are here to serve.

Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance – Fight Robots On The Tabletop

If television, movies, video games, books, and even podcasts have told me anything, it’s that one day the whole of humanity will be conquered by the machines which even now we depend on for comfort and entertainment. Prepare for that inevitable doom by playing a game that teaches you to fight the future.

Armoured Digital: Miniatures Game with the Soul of an RTS

Command Drone tanks in battle, program their orders and build replacements in-game in Armoured Digital.

Tabletop Spotlight: End of the World – Alien Invasion

How would you survive the End of the World? Find out in this RPG from FFG.

RPG: This Eclipse Is Going Through Another Phase

The year of sci-fi RPGs continues with Eclipse Phase 2.0, now available for pre-order.

Tabletop Spotlight: Pulsar 2849

The Space Race is on in Pulsar 2849!

Tabletop Spotlight: Kepler 3042

It’s a race to see who can explore the galaxy in Kepler 3042!

ZZZAP: Kromlech Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform

Convert your 28mm enemies into vapor with Kromlech’s new Annihilation Beamer.

FFG: Fallout – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The choices you make in Fallout: The Board Game will determine the story you’re going to tell – come see out how!

Tabletop Spotlight: Twlight Imperium

  The game that launched an empire is back – Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition is in stores now! Come check it out on the Tabletop Spotlight.

What's New