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40K BREAKING: New Nurgle Blight Hauler & Primaris Kits Spotted!

GW has 4 new kits heading your way, including the mysteriously missing Death Guard Myphitic Blight Hauler. Take a look!

40K: Space Marines Conquer the Black Library

Space Marines are taking over the Black Library’s upcoming Weekender. Check out their new Space Marines Conquests series.

40K: Fixing The Angels of Death

The Angels of Death are coming back! The Blood Angels and Dark Angels are getting new books, but will they be enough?

Space Marine Review: HQ: Lieutenant

Hi everyone, today let’s review of the newest addition to the Space Marine chain of command, the Lieutenant.

40K: Carab Culln – Red Scorpion Dreadnought, New Forge World Hero

Carab Culln, Chapter Master of the Red Scorpions is getting new life (sort of) in 8th Edition–we hope he enjoys his new home.

40K RUMORS: More Primaris Vehicles/Kits On the Way

With the announcement of a Primaris Superheavy – word is doing the rounds of more goodies from Forge World.

BREAKING: Giant 40K Mystery Tank – WOW

We don’t have any idea what this is – but Gav Thorpe confirmed he saw it with his own eyes.

40K: Move Over Primaris Marines, Astra Militarum is the New Face of 8th

For all the attention paid to Primaris Space Marines have gotten with 8th, it is Astra Militarum who really exemplify the new edition.

Tabletop Gallery: Constructive Criticism

You can always tell which chapters had their equipment manufactured by Forge World Tonka.

Iello & Devil Pig Announce WH40K: Heroes of Black Reach

A new way to play in the Warhammer 40k universe is on its way – check this out!

40K: The Next Imperial Primarch

The Imperium has to on deck for a new Primarch – but who’s it going to be!?

Tabletop Gallery “Lamenting The Lost”

“They are the mellowist of the yellow.”

What's New