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Specialist Games Wishlist 2017

Games Workshop has been cranking up Specialist Games all year. But what does the community want the most?

BREAKING: Blood Bowl Unboxed!

HOLY MOLY! Take a look inside the box of the all new Blood Bowl from Games Workshop!

Blood Bowl: GW Teaser & Rumors

Blood Bowl is showing some movement (at last). Here’s what’s doing the rounds this weekend.

Blood Bowl: Pics, Release Plans & More!

You’ve been waiting for it and Blood Bowl is coming – faster than you think!  Look at all this stuff:

Adeptus Titanicus: The Return of EPIC Latest!

One intrepid gamer got the scoop on the upcoming return of Adeptus Titanicus from Specialist Games.

Blood Bowl: Latest Info from GW

Games Workshop was talking Blood Bowl at GAMA. Get the news from the horse’s mouth!

GW Rumors: Dark Future Being Worked On

You heard that right folks. If you love cars, gas, guns and Mad Max, get in here!

BREAKING: GW Shows New Blood Bowl Minis

GW has pulled the covers off their plans and minis for the updated Blood Bowl reboot!

GW: Adeptus Titanicus Latest

It looks like Specialist Games has a new boss and Adeptus Titanicus has a new champion. Here’s the latest:

Editorial: Can GW Match X-Wing?

X-Wing has exploded onto the scene the past few years – but GW has all the parts they need to create their own dogfighting juggernaut!

GW 40th Birthday Party – News Tidalwave!

The holidays are over and a METRIC TON of news came out of GW-HQ  this weekend! Catch up with all the new GW, Forge World and Specialist Games news & minis!

Adeptus Titanicus, Heresy, Blood Bowl & More News!

One dedicated gamer-scribe dropped a BOATLOAD of GW info from this weekend’s GW 40th Birthday Celebration – Don’t miss it!

What's New