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40K Lore: Xenos Allies of the Tau

  Today, Loremasters, a look at results of the most foul and heretical precept of the Tau: Cooperation.

40K: T’au Codex Deep Dive – Relics, Stratagems, and Traits

Come join the BoLS crew as we take a look at the rules of the T’au Codex…

40K: Lore – Farsight and The Eight

Commander Farsight is protected by seven magnificent T’au crisis suit pilots…

STREAMING NOW – T’au vs. Aeldari Game

This week on Dark Apocrypha – we put Codex T’au Empire through its paces with a battle vs the Aledari!

Goatboy’s 40K: Unit Limits Return to Matched Play

Goatboy here again to look at the biggest “rule” coming from Codex Tau and how it could effect other armies.

Tabletop Gallery: Every Store Come New Codex Day

Oh is there a new Codex out? I’ve played this army for years and know exactly how everything works, so just trust me because I wouldn’t lie about that.

40K Lore: Commander Puretide

The T’au have committed some pretty astounding techno-heresies before, but this one might be the most vile.

T’au Codex Reveals – Fate of the Fourth Sphere

The T’au Codex has a ton of cool lore about everyone’s favorite herd creatures turned Mecha Pilots.

40K: The Humble T’au Fire Warrior

The backbone of every T’au gunline, the Fire Warrior stands tall to fight for the Greater Good.

40K: T’au Unit Deep Dive

We’ve got the book in hand and we’re going over all the units that are listed in the new Codex: T’au Empire!

40K: T’au Rules Conundrums

We’ve got a copy of Codex: T’au early and we’ve got a few questions about how some of the rules work.

40K: T’au Strike Fast With The Vior’la Sept

Games Workshop is back with another preview of the T’au rules and the Vior’la Sept is here to shoot and scoot!

What's New