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Category: Through The Breach

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Wyrd: A Stitch in Time Has Launched

Through the Breach has a new global campaign that is out now – Jump in for a Wyrd Time!

Wyrd: Fire in the Sky Preview

Wyrd has a peek at a link between Malifaux and the Other Side…

GenCon 2016: Wyrd Booth Showcase

The BoLS Crew hangs out with Wyrd Games at GenCon 2016 – It’s Malifaux and so much more!

Wyrd: Miniature Preview & Penny Dreadful Action!

Wyrd unveils some new models for Malifaux plus a brand new Penny Dreadful One-Shot Adventure!

Wyrd: Nythera – A New Worldwide Event

    It’s about to get a little Wyrder around the world. Nythera is coming to a table-top near you!

Wyrd: “Into the Steam” RPG Teaser

Wyrd teases their next expansion for their RPG: Through the Breach.  Come see:

What's New