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ToyLand: New Iron Spider Fig from Sideshow

  This 1:6th scale fig features Peter’s new, high tech suit that debuts in theaters across the globe tomorrow. It’s ready to spring into action with nearly 30 points of articulation and fight Thanos with web-shooters and golden pincers.

ToyLand: A Velociraptor Attacks in New LEGO Set

  As part of its new collection of Jurassic World sets, LEGO dug back in time and the iconic velociraptor chase from the original movie.

ToyLand: It Would be a Mis-Stake To Miss Out on this New Blade Fig

  This 1:12 scale Blade comes with everything needed to take down a coven of vampires – including his signature trench, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and a pair of fangs.

ToyLand: ‘Solo’ Brings New LEGO Sets For Rebels & Imperials

  All kinds of cool collectibles are coming out this month thanks to Solo: A Star Wars Story. LEGO is putting out a bunch of kits including a new kit for the Kessel Run Millenium Falcon and a new, smaller TIE fighter kit at a nice price point.

ToyLand: Sideshow’s New Alien Queen Demands Attention

  Sideshow’s latest creation is an Alien Queen that demands to be the center of attention. The designers worked directly with the Legacy Effects artists that created the Queen in James Cameron’s Aliens to make sure all the details are perfect.

Toyland: This 1/4 Scale Infinity Gauntlet Got Hit By The Reality Gem

Or maybe Hot Toys must have got their hands on some Pym Particles and shrunk it down for us.

ToyLand: New Arbalest Vr.IV Metal Build Fig from Bandai

This rendition of Kanetake Ebikawa’s Arbalest from Full Metal Panic! has all the weapons you need to protect humanity and an impressive looking repair bay that doubles as a display stand.

ToyLand: Gentle Giant Proves Not all Heroes Have to be Gritty

 Gentle Giants’ new line, Mini Heroes, reduces the scale and price point of their fun Animated Marvel hero statues. If you really wanted one for your collection, but couldn’t justify the price tag – these cute, little maquettes are for you.

Toyland: Did Someone Call a Doctor? Mercy on Call

Heroes never die! And with the new Mercy statue from Blizzard, you can make sure she will always be watching over you.

ToyLand: New LEGO Y-Wing is Ready for an Attack Run

A brand new kit of the fan favorite ship is being released as a part of Star Wars Day – May 4th – celebrations. It’s part of LEGO’s higher end Ultimate Collectors Series, and its 1966 pieces offer up detail lessor kits can’t.

ToyLand: Spider-Man Takes on Venom in New Fig

This new 17″ tall fig from Side Show features Miles Morales leaping over the open jaws of Ultimate Venom, as the malicious symbiote tries to take a bite out of him.

Toyland: Check out These Gorgeous Pops of Funko!

Funko will be releasing 2 new Pop! figures from the Netflix series, GLOW. Ruth Wilder as her heel wrestling persona, Zoya the Destroya and Debbie Eagan as Liberty Belle.

What's New