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Toyland: Finally Become The Best Wizard Among Your Friends

Even before Harry Potter first released, everyone dreamed of being a witch or wizard. Thanks to JAKKS Pacific, we can soon get the next best thing.

ToyLand: Hasbro is Offering a 4′ Long Version Jabba’s Barge

Hasbro has announced a new ENORMOUS option for collectors – a crowdfunding platform called HasLab.

ToyLand: These Predator Figs are Ready for the Hunt

  New York Toy Fair is in full swing – NECA showed off more awesome looking Predators.

Toyland: Crash Into This New Figure From NECA Toys

You might go N. Sane when you see this new Crash Bandicoot figure from NECA.

ToyLand: New Mighty Morphin Super Mini-Pla Kits from Bandai

Bluefin has announced their NY Toy Fair line up, and it looks awesome for MMPR fans.

ToyLand: This Gremlins Fig Might Give You Arachnophobia

NECA is bringing back the huge, creepy the af Spider Gremlin thanks to its adoring fans.

Toyland: ‘Half-Life 2’ & ‘Portal 2’ Figures Return By Popular Demand

Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine. Not that I wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job.

ToyLand: ‘Mythic Legions’ Desktop Heroes & Villains

Four Horsemen Studios have made another great collection of 6″ fantasy action figs – act fast, pre-order ends Friday.

ToyLand: Carnage & Venom Get Awesome New Figs

Hasbro has revealed six new figs for both vicious symbiotes – including a cool versus 2 fig pack!

ToyLand: This New Dredd Statue Will Judge You

This take on Dredd really makes a statement – the 1:3 scale statue is 28 inches tall!

ToyLand: Tomy’s Star Wars Powered by Transformers Return

This Millennium Falcon has a secret.

ToyLand: New Prometheus & Hades Blasters from Nerf

Nerf has come up with new and improved ways to shoot little foam objects at your friends and family.

What's New