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Grey Knights/CSM Codex Peek & Review – FTN

2 codexes at once!  We have the books in hand and we talk for 2 hours about both. You don’t want to miss this.

Space Marine Codex Review – FTN Podcast

A 40K FAQ dropped that completely changes the matched play scene.  We get our hands on Codex Space Marine and hit the highlights.

40K: Is Going First Just A Fad – Maybe – FTN

Minimizing deployment drops is something we’ve never had to worry about before. Now, it’s really fun to game the system.

40K: Arch Daemons are the new Super Tunas – FTN

Why not talk about some of the biggest baddies in 40k? These monster daemons do not disappoint.

40k 8th Xenos Army Rules Breakdown – FTN

Let’s run down the Xenos army wide special rules.  Orks get a BIG boost.  Eldar lose a little bit of power but are still very good.

40K: Chaos Gets Leviathan Dread with GRAV! – FTN

We talk about the Hellforged Leviathan this week and what Chaos can expect in 40k 8th.  They’re getting grav – and it’s good!

Are Death Stars Really Dead? – FTN

This has been a crazy week for 40k. We had a TON of rules discussion directly from the Warhammer Community team.

New 40k 8th Edition Info – FTN

The guys at GW have been dropping daily teasers for the upcoming edition of Warhammer 40k.  This has us going crazy!

Shadow War On The Brain & 3 Special Guests – FTN

This is a 2 hour jam packed episode!  We continue with our Shadow War and Adepticon coverage – with Reece Robbins & more!

Shadow War Armageddon: Is it Looking at the Future? – FTN

Shadow War: Armageddon is flying off the shelves and eBay is on fire with people trying to get top dollar with their copies – Worry not!

Talking with the GW Design Studio – FTN Interview

Paul sits down with a couple of guys from the GW Design Studio at Adepticon.  We talk Shadespire, and the future of 40k!

40K Shenanigans & Geoff Robinson Player Spotlight – FTN

We shine a light on Geoff “@iNcontroLTV” Robinson then get down with our brand of 40k talk with Reece Robbins from Frontline Gaming.

What's New