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Category: Trollbloods

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Warmachine: Primal Terrors CID Changes Go Live

Privateer has rolled out the changes from the latest Primal Terrors CID cycle.  Go get em!

HORDES: Trollblood Troll Basher

  The new troll beast is all about the bashing. Let’s break down the Troll Basher!

HORDES: Trollblood Pyg Lookouts

Trolls are stealing some cygnar tech with Pyg Lookouts. Time to break down the changes!

HORDES: Trollbloods Kolgrima StoneTruth 101

The Northkin trolls’ new warlock is out. Lets check out the icy caster today.

Warmachine: Hooch Hauler Up for Pre-Order

Grab yourselves a Hooch Hauler while you can – and enjoy a Northkin list to use it with!

Warmachine: Christmas Releases & Who Got the Best Present

Today we rate the 12 Warmachine-Hordes Factions of Christmas models on who had the best Christmas!

Privateer: Meet the Northkin Hearthgut Hooch Hauler

Privateer shows off the biggest toughest rolling battle-keg of them all.

Privateer: A Closer Look at No Quarter Prime’s Amazing Cover Art

The second issue of Privateer’s premier magazine features charging trolls in the cold of winter.

Privateer Press: Meet The Northkin

Privateer Press’ latest theme force, the Northkin, have just been announced.

Privateer: Trollbloods of Iron

Privateer game developer Will Pagani shares two Company of Iron lists for Trollbloods.

Hordes: Who is the King of the Trolls?

Today we look at the Sea King, the Mountain King, and the Glacier King and see who comes out on top!

Trollbloods: Sea King Sinks Your Battleship

Come check out the latest Gargantuan for Trollbloods.  RELEASE THE…you know the rest…

What's New