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FFG: Getting Started With Arkham Horror TCG

Arkham Horror The Card Game is a fantastic Co-op Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games – here’s how to get started!

Bushido: Painting the Blood Brothers

Follow along as GentleBen runs through these WiP shots taken while painting Shuohuang.

Dark Age: Painting a Skarrd Buzzblade

Here’s how I painted my Buzzblades from the new Skarrd Starter

Get Lit With Privateer Press

Yup, time to get lit  (by a lambent object you’re holding) with these painting tutorials.

GW: Duncan Gets A Buddy

Games Workshop Painting Rockstar Duncan Rhodes gets a new buddy to help with the Hobby side of things!

P3 Painting – Prime Priming Primer

This week, there’s a fantastic tutorial on zenithal priming. Make your models really shine.

P3 Painting: Tartan Tutorial and Menoth Man

This week, take a look the making of a Menoth Man and paint some plaid.

Privateer: Prepping Models for Painting Made Easy

Dallas Kemp explains how to clean up models made of softer plastics so you can get to painting faster.

Privateer Press: Painting Jeans and di Wulfe Schemes

Even your minis need a casual Friday. Paint them some blue jeans with this denim tutorial from Privateer Press.

GMM Hobby: Tiki Ogre Backdrop Completed

Hello BoLS readers! Now that the backdrop is built, sealed, and ready for paint, time to get cracking.

GMM Showcase: Building a Tiki Ogre Backdrop

  Brandon from GMM here and I’m about to wrap up a cannibal themed square base Ogre Kingdoms army. So time to work on the display!

P3: Base-ic Instincts

Privateer press has us all in base-ic training with this latest series of hobby tutorial videos.

What's New