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P3: Intro to Airbrushing

Get the most out of your airbrush with these painting tips from P3.

Get Lit With Privateer Press

Yup, time to get lit  (by a lambent object you’re holding) with these painting tutorials.

CMON: A Song of Ice & Fire Preview

CMON stopped by our studio to show off the upcoming A Song of Ice & Fire Starter Set and Gameplay!

P3 Painting: Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

Get your models painted up just like Wiz Khalifa’s car with these new painting tutorials from Privateer Press.

Priming Your Painting Technique with Privateer

Today is all about taking your technique to the next level.

Painting Twisted Grymkin Flesh with P3

This week, get gruesome, paint your models’ skin and moans.

Privateer Press: Painting Grymkin with the Pros

Dive into the Grymkin with Privateer Press. Watch them paint up the Twilight Sisters and answer your questions.

40K: Deathguard Painting Tutorial

Death Guard sure are turning up in interesting places these days–make sure yours look better than the rest with these tips…

TWG: Painting Kharn and Artemis

Today I share tutorials on how to paint two Warhammer 40k Characters: Watch Captain Artemis and Kharn the Betrayer

TWG: Painting Fyreslayers & Ironjawz

Today I share with you two tutorials on how to paint two Age of Sigmar forces: Fyreslayers and Ironjawz.

Painting Wrath of Kings Goritsi: Shield Breaker

I’ve finally started painting my Goritsi army for Wrath of Kings, and I snapped some pics of my progress on this Shield Breaker.

TWG: Painting Tzaangors & Kairic Acolytes

Today I share with you two tutorials on how to paint Silver Tower adversaries: Kairic Acolytes and Tzaangors.

What's New