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Tabletop Gallery: Be Vewwy Vewwy Qwiet…

Brother Fudd was one of the less…distinguished members of the Kill Team.

40K: What To Do With Your Extra Flyrants

Or: The Big FAQ nerfed my army and now I have all this extra plastic just laying around, useless. Look there’s got to be something you can do with all those extra Flyrants, let’s put our heads together and figure it out.

40K Rumors – Laying Low the Mighty Winged Hive Tyrant

We all saw the wrath of Tyranid Flyrants at Adepticon and now it sounds like GW may be putting their foot down. Here’s the latest rumors doing the rounds.

Tabletop Gallery: Trouble From Below

I don’t think that pipe goes to the Mushroom Kingdom…

Tabletop Gallery: “Dinner Time”

“We got an order of Wings here!”

Dark Apocrypha: “A Candlemass Carol”

“Scrooge” Guilliman must fight off the Ghosts of Candlemass to save the holiday for the children of the Imperium!

Tyranid Codex Review: The Tervigon

Today, we talk about the largest but maybe least in-chargest of the Tyranid HQs, the Tervigon.

Table Top Gallery: Beach Cleanup

Marine life can be impacted by your discarded Kans. Please recycle.

40K: 10 Codexes in 6 Months – GW Did It

True to their word, GW managed to knock out 10 Codexes in 6 Months. 8th Edition Keeps on Rolling.

40K BREAKING: New Tyranid & Grey Knight FAQ

There are two new FAQs available, Tyranids and Grey Knights. Get your rules clarifications while they’re hot.

Tyranid Codex Review: Transports, Flyers and Fortifications

  The Great Devourer is upon us, today we look to the skies to see what the Hive Fleets have to offer.

Tabletop Gallery: Shhhh

“Shouldn’t we be shooting them shas’vre?” “That’s only going to make them notice we’re here.” “Good point.”

What's New