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Forge World: More Heresy Kits Get The Axe

The Horus Heresy upgrades packs were the first to go. Now another batch of Heresy-era Weapon options are going “Last Chance To Buy” – pick them up before they hit the chopping block.

30K: The ‘End Times’ of The Horus Heresy

The Horus Heresy, aka Warhammer 30K, has had a long run…but is Games Workshop pulling the plug on Heresy-Era gaming?

GW Really Wants You To Enter The Golden Demon

The time has come. Warhammer Fest is around the corner, which means it’s time to start gearing up for the Golden Demon. This year, in light of the recent FAQpocalypse, they have also released a Golden Demon FAQ.

FW: Space Marine Upgrade Packs Go Last Chance To Buy

The Space Marine Upgrade Packs are all heading to the dreaded “Last Chance To Buy” section on Forge World’s page. If you’ve been wanting to create a Horus Heresy Era Legion with the Forge World bits, this could be your last chance to get in on the action.

FW – The Aurox Rolls In To Battle

During the Horus Heresy, the weapons of the Solar Auxila were of indispensable use to the Militarum and the Mechanicus. Come take a look at the Aurox, a heavily armored transport.

Tabletop Gallery “Siege of Terra”

I was there when Horus attacked Terra…It was good time.

FW: Legio Custodes Spearhead Now Available

It’s your one stop bundle for the latest Legio Custodes Models from Forge World.

FW Pre-Orders: Legio Custodes Upgrades & Captain

Forge World has a new batch of Custodes Upgrades and a new Shield Captain up for Pre-Order!

40k Video Batreps Rankings

I like to watch video battle reports (VBR) to learn about armies and as a form of entertainment. Here are my ranking and ratings of the best.

FW: Custodes Captains and Heresy Spears, Coming Soon

Custodes Guard from the Heresy Era Weapons take the tabletop by storm this weekend from Forge World.

FW: New Space Wolf Models Press The Attack

Forge World releases the wolves this week with new Varagyr and Grey Slayers for all your Fenrisian needs!

FW: Primarch Rogal Dorn Arrives

Forge World has a new Primarch for their Horus Heresy Character Series – Rogal Dorn is here!

What's New