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STREAMING NOW – Dark Apocrypha “Eldar vs Imperium TITAN-FIGHT!”

Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector a Warhound and Revenant titan square off with full armies to back them up.

40K: Extending Threat with Drukhari Obsidian Rose

The Drukhari ability to mix and match detachments can give you access to some pretty powerful combos that can change the way you build and play your army.  Take a look.

40K FAQ: ‘The Soup Is Fine’ – Battle Brothers Beta Rules

In an attempt to limit Soup lists, Games Workshop created the new Battle Brother Beta rule. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really do much to stop the soup from being “just as tasty as ever.” It’s time to go back to the drawing board.

40K Rumors: Deathwatch & Harlequins Getting Some Love

The rumor mill is spinning up with some new info on the Deathwatch and Harlequins. Get ready for a Primaris upgrade and some new ways to get your clowns into the action!

40K Loremasters: Know Your Knight Freeblades

From the noble to murderous, the loyal to the insane, today we look at some of the famed Freeblades to stride across the Imperium.

40K: Summoning Daemons – Obsolete or Useful?

  If you’re a Chaos player like myself, since 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 dropped, you’ve had to wonder — is the Daemonic Ritual (summoning daemons) mechanic even worth it anymore?

40K Grognard: Drunk on Your Salty Tears of FAQ Woe

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to stuff your ear holes with nuggets of words from my brain pan.

STREAMING NOW – Dark Apocrypha “Ultramar & the Twisted”

Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector the Death Guard and Fabio Bile strike against the mighty Ultramarines.

40K Rumor: Space Marine Adventures Gets A Release Window

The new board game revealed by Games Workshop at the New York Toy Fair has a rumored release date. Are you ready to go delving into the Labyrinth of the Necrons?

40K FAQ: Smite Done (Mostly) Right

The FAQ has raised lots of new questions and started lots of new debates. One thing that I think the community is actually really pleased with is the final changes made to Smite, the most used Psychic Power in the game. But has it really curbed the ‘Smite-Spam’ option?

GW: Rumor Engine “Holding On By A Thread”

Games Workshop has a new Rumor Engine today and it’s going to have the internet twisted into knots figuring this one out!

40K: How Your Army Was Affected By the FAQ – Part 1

  The Big FAQ 1 has shaken up the meta and armies have risen and fallen. Let’s take a look at how it affected each army.

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