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40K: Worried About the FAQ? Buy MORE Terrain!

40K is played in very different ways around the world, and there is no way any single FAQ could solve all things for all people. Let’s take a look at how much terrain forms the meta.

Pimpcron’s Biggest 40K Pet Peeve

  Here he goes whining again, but I bet every one of you has seen this one!

Tabletop Gallery – Pretty Pretty Pink Nids

I bet they smell like bubblegum – poisonous xenos bubblegum

Taking Competitive 40k Tournaments to the Next Level: Chapter Tactics

Today Peteypab discusses the state and future of competitive 40k with LVO head judge Salty John, and Val Heffelfinger gets some magical advice from the list doctor. Dr. Brown.

Cosplay Artist Spotlight: Iron Warrior Cosplay

The Space Marine Cosplayer community is incredibly close knit, and full of artists of amazing caliber. This month we are featuring some of the amazing Cosplayers behind Brand’s Great Company. We will go behind the scenes to get to the heart of this great initiative, starting with Dyfrig of Iron Warrior Cosplay, the Space Marine […]

40K: Playtesters On The Big FAQ

Now that the Big FAQ is out, GW talks with their playtesters to get their thoughts on what these changes could mean for the game. Got rules? Got opinions? Bring them on in.

40K: Drukhari Movement Tips & Tricks

This is a quick article on some tips and tricks when it comes to vehicle-heavy play.  As you can see in a lot of my lists, it has a lot to do with vehicles.  However, in order for DE players to get the most out of their vehicles and the units inside them, you have […]

40K: Deep Thought – We Didn’t Need More Command Points

  The GREAT FAQ 1 is upon us, and one thing is clear – get ready to use and deal with more Strategems in your games.

40K: FAQ Changes You Totally Missed

  The Big FAQ 1 is out and with it a host of smaller FAQs, lets look at some of the major changes hidden in these other documents.

40K: Plasma – Still The Deadliest Anti-Vehicle Weapon In The Game

  Plasma Weapons are still the death dealers we’ve known them to be, and after the FAQ, it turns out they are even deadlier!

Tabletop Gallery – Custodes Bling Goes Up to 11

I bet they make Servo Skulls wax it.

STREAMING NOW: Jain-Zar faces Ghaz

This week on Dark Apocrypha – A great WAAAGH faces the wrath of Biel-Tan Craftworld!

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