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Is Spam Dead in the ETC? – Chapter Tactics #64

  Today Peteypab and Val team up to give you Team Tournament coverage! Petepab talks to ETC Rep Tom Adriany about how the ETC handled the new FAQ and Val talks about his experience at Canada’s Canhammer Team Tournament.

40K BREAKING: Rogue Trader Box Game Pics Leak – New Minis Inbound

I hope you’re sitting down because these new models are going to knock your socks off! A brand new set of pics have hit the interwebs for what we believe is a new boxed set for a Rogue Trader-esque game. And they look FANTASTIC!

Necromunda: Gang War III – The Van Saars Arrive

We’re going to take a brief look at the new Gang War III Necromunda Supplement! If you want to play Van Saars in Necromunda, you’re definately going to want to pick this one up. Come take a look inside the book with us.

GW: Space Marine Heroes Series 2 Heading To Japan

Games Workshop Japan is getting a second wave of Space Marine Heroes and the first pictures have surfaced.

Codex Deathwatch: Eye Opening 40K Developments

  Codex Deathwatch has a lot of 40K lore, and fluff reveals that offer hints of 40K’s future.

40K: Weep for the Space Marines, How the Mighty Have Fallen

  From hero to zero, Space Marines have dropped from a once competitive list to the bottom of the heap.

Tabletop Gallery: A Forfeit Soul – Perhaps

Guile within guile, twisting, turning to escape a darkest fate.

40K: Our 5 Favorite Deathwatch Stratagems

The Deathwatch have a deep tactical toolbox to deal with just about any situation. We’ve got the book in hand and have been playing around with the different Stratagems. Here is our list of our 5 Favorite Deathwatch Stratagems.

GW: Adeptus Titanicus Making An Appearance At Warhammer Fest

Warhammer Fest is happening this weekend and Adeptus Titanicus is on the schedule. Are you ready for some massive robot wars?!

40K Loremaster: The Conflicting Origins of the Deathwatch

  The bane of all xenos is the Deathwatch – but the organization’s origin is shrouded in mystery.

40K Deep Thought: Fixing the Harlequins with NO New Models

Codex Harlequins is just around the corner, but GW can make the army stand on its own two feet without adding a single model.

Tabletop Gallery: Knights and the Aeldari D

“and then there were three”… ZZZAP!

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