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Shading Satyxis, Painting Purples, and Building Boats – P3 Painting

It’s an alliterative althing this week, with a bunch of techniques on display to help you get your Satyxis raiders looking their best, and a look at Skarre’s massive ghost ship getting assembled. This model is a beast of a boat. Let’s take a look!

Set Sail With Satyxis Next Week – Privateer Press

The Satyxis Solos set sail soon, you’ll see a whole bunch of special characters who bring the deadly grace and brutal lethality of the Satyxis to the Cryx fleets. Get your fleet prepped for these femmes fatale.

Warmachine: Jussika Bloodtongue Slaughter Fleet Tactics

  The Cryx Slaughter Fleet has arrived! With it comes the fearsome Jussika Bloodtongue, let’s take a look at this new command attachment for Blighted Trollkin units.

P3: Paint the (Khadoran) Town Red (And Gold)

Khador gleams red and gold, two proud colors that represent the Khadoran army in all her fierceness. Make sure you do the Motherland proud with your Warjacks painted brightly for all to see the glory of Khador on display.

Warmachine: First Shot Events In May

Do you have a family member, friend or anyone you know that is interested in giving Warmachine a shot? Privateer Press is running an Organized Play event that you’re going to want to mark your calendar for – First Shot Events are coming in May 2018!

Northkin Come to the Iron Kingdoms RPG

Privateer Press just put up some rules to bring thy icy chill of the Northkin to your Iron Kingdoms RPG campaigns.  Take a look:

Warmachine: Black Ogrun Ironmongers Tactics

The nightmare empire of Cryx recently got a new mechanic unit, let’s review the Black Ogrun Ironmongers and see how they stack up to the other mechanic units of the game.

Drukhari Codex Review, New Minis, Shadespire,Cryx, Pathfinder & More

It’s been a busy weekend folks. Come checkout everything from which recent codexes were the best and worst, to all the latest minis from GW, Privateer, plus boardgame and RPG goodies!

Warmachine: April Showers Bring Cryx Raiders Who Will Kill You

What I’m saying is, that if the Mayflower had tried to set sail from Immoren, the Cryx fleets would have sunk it and colonized a new world with undead pilgrims. Anyway, here’s a preview of what’s coming in April.

Tabletop Gallery: It Most Fears Stairs

Trust me, you REALLY don’t want one of these to fall over on you.

Necron Codex, GW, Privateer, SW LEGION Minis & Adepticon 40K Winner

We’ve got everything from 40K’s new Unbeatable List, to the New Necron Codex, Privateer and Star Wars LEGION new minis, and more!

PP: Black Ogrun Iron Mongers, Bloodtongue, and No Quarter Prime

The Black Ogrun Iron Mongers will keep your Warjacks running long after they should be dead.

What's New