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Warpath Firefight: Charging & Assault Rules

  Take a look at how charging and assault work in Mantic’s new Warpath Firefight expansion.  CHARGE!!!

Mantic: The GCPS Marines Arrive In Warpath

It’s time to get tactical with the GCPS! Ride into battle in style with a new Dropship, a new transport and some new firepower to take the fight to the enemy – and saves some money while you do it!

Shooting Rules in Mantic’s New Warpath Firefight

Today we take a look at Line of Sight in Warpath’s new Firefight expansion.  Let’s see what Mantic has cooked up for the tabletop.

Mantic: Warpath Firefight – ‘Starfall’

Mantic Games is bringing a new Campaign Supplement to the Warpath: Firefight universe – and you can get it for FREE.

Mantic: Warpath Basics – Units and Movement

Come learn the basics of the turn sequence in Mantic’s Warpath.

Mantic: Check Out What’s Coming for Warpath in 2018

2017 was a big year for Mantic’s sci-fi miniature wargames. 2018 promises more exciting releases.

Unboxing Mantic’s Star Saga

We’ve got a copy of Mantic’s new Sci-Fi RPG Adventure game: Star Saga!

Rats In Space! Two New Veer-Myn Bundles from Mantic

The space rat-men are burrowing into your wallet with new new bundle deals from Mantic. Take a look.

New Warpath Vehicles Inbound

New vehicles are rolling off the assembly line and onto the Warpath. Check out the Enforcer Interceptor and the Forge Father Sturnhammer.

Warpath’s Plastic Sturnhammer Tanks Arrive

Mantic’s Warpath is getting it’s first mutli-option plastic tank kits shipping out next week.

Mantic: Get on the Warpath – Movement 101

Mantic talks shop about their new Warpath release – you have to learn to march to war before you can charge.

Mantic: Get on the Warpath – Units 101

Gather your troops and prepare for battle!

What's New