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I Played the 40K RPG and It’s Awesome

  Wrath & Glory is the upcoming 40K RPG. I just got to play it with its designer and here are my thoughts.

STREAMING NOW: Wrath & Glory Preview with Designer Ross Watson

  Tune in to our exclusive preview of Wrath & Glory! Game designer Ross Watson is our GM for this one-shot adventure in the Grimdark. Join the retinue…

Meet the Designer: Ross Watson of Wrath & Glory

  Wrath & Glory is the gripping up and coming Warhammer RPG system from Ulisses North America. This week we have an inside look at the system from one of the RPG industries best creative minds, talking about design inspiration and character elements!

40K RPG: Wrath & Glory Game Play Example Comic

The Warhammer 40,000 Universe has a new RPG on the way – come see how Wrath & Glory is played!

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