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Wyrd: This Mystery Character is Up to Some Mischief

  Wyrd has presented another Malifaux mystery character, and he looks ready for a fist and foot fight – what kind of business do you think this ape is up to?

Wyrd: Rail Gunners Bring Soulstone Power to the Battlefield

  The Abyssinian armory has some of the most advanced weapons in The Other Side. These Rail Gunners pack a big punch if you choose the right target.

Wyrd: A Preview Wrapped in a Mystery

  Do you recognized these mysterious gentlemen? They are fancy, well heeled men of the upper class, but they seem to be having some issues with… decay.

Wyrd: Be Wary of Moving Teleporting Gateways

  The cult is not the worst thing the Burning Man’s presence has created. Stalking Portals are something more sinister and dangerous than the ubiquitous portals that go to Malifaux.

Wyrd: The Sharpshooter – Adjunct to the King’s Empire

Enjoy the latest preview from The Other Side. It’s probably the only time you’ll see the Sharpshooter before he sees you!

Wyrd: New Wyrdscape Base Inserts – Asian Ruins

  Upgrade your Malifaux minis with Wyrdscape base inserts! The new Asian Ruins line includes 10 new inserts featuring bamboo, a Shinto Gate, and a shrine. Perfect for Ten Thunders, Manos the Risen from the upcoming Undying box, and more.

Wyrd: The Horomatangi – Commander of the Cult and the Hordes

  This ancient beast from Malifaux was a powerful spellcaster and brutal overlord that commanded the Gibbering Hordes that were unfortunate enough to live near its territory.

Wyrd: A Web Wrapped Mystery

  Wyrd has shared a new, mysterious character – take a look and tell us what you think.

Wyrd: Abyssinian Marauders Roar Onto the Battlefield

  The Marauders use their fast motorcycles to get behind enemy lines. They disrupt supply lines and end their ability to bring in reinforcements.

Wyrd: Janbaaj & Amenset Join the Fight Against the Darkness

  The War of the Spirits expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling is on the way. Players will be able to add two new Warriors that use their understanding of the Darkness to combat it.

Wyrd: Cover Your Ears When These Raving Madmen are Near

These members of the Cult of the Burning Man have a deep connection to its namesake. They are true believers that are a real threat on the battlefield.

Wyrd: A Gremlin of Mystery

Wyrd has mystery for their fans today. Can you place these swamp dwellers?

What's New