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Wyrd: The Waldgeist Rider Joins Bayou Bash

This racer is tree-mendous!

Wyrd: Eggcellent Rooster Rider Joins Bayou Bash

A new rider is entering the chaotic race in Bayou Bash!

Wyrd: New Mehal Sefari – The Great Abyssinian Protectors

Your Champions will want their brute strength and protection on the tabletop.

Wyrd: Upgrade Your Table with Wyrdscapes Terrain

Wyrd is introducing its own line of high quality, plastic terrain to bring the world of Malifaux to your table.

Wyrd: The Wait is Over – Alt Lazarus is Now Available

At long last, the alternative sculpt for the Outcast heavy is out now!

Wyrd: This Piggy is Ready for the Races in Bayou Bash

This steed is worth her bacon in a fight – and there are plenty of those in Bayou Bash.

Wyrd: The Elite Royal Rifle Corps Join the King’s Forces

These soliders’ long range weapons create a lot of damage.

Wyrd: The Story of Ridley Continues in ‘Northern Sedition’

The long awaited sequel to Northern Aggression is here – decide the fate of Ridley in a new set of adventures.

Wyrd: The Yarazi Buzz on to the Scene in The Other Side

The Gibbering Horde gets some air support with the addition of this new critter.

Wyrd: The Guild Lawyer is Ruthless

Sign here, and initial here to play this Advanced Pursuit from Above the Law.

Wyrd: The Rogue Black Ops Join the Burning Man

This special ops unit is made for hunting Commanders and Titans.

2017 Best Plastic Miniature Winner

  The Judges have debated and the verdict is in – come check out our pick for the Best Plastic Miniature of 2017!

What's New