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Skaven Swarm the Mortal Realms – Age Of Sigmar 2.0

The vermintide washes over the Mortal Realms. How fitting that the 13th Faction Preview for Age of Sigmar should be the Skaven. Let’s take a look at what the legions of the Horned Rat can do.

GW: Pricing & Links – New Pre-Orders Easy To Build

Games Workshop invites you to get your ‘Warband On’ with new Easy-to-Build kits – Forget the glue, just push-fit!

Tabletop Gallery: Attack of the Killer Clowns

Who you calling ‘funny-looking’

Star Wars: Legion – Leia & The Fleet Troopers Now Available

There’s a new Commander on the scene for the Rebels and she’s got some extra hands-on-deck to help the fight against the Empire!

40K BREAKING: Knight Repair Terrain Kit & New Armiger Mini

Finally we get a look at the new Armiger and the now confirmed Terrain kit to repair Imperial Knights.

Geekery: Custom Star Wars Blasters Fire Glowsticks to Mimic Lasers

  The mind behind the infamous  Slingshot Channel has created a fun new way to shoot projectiles at your friends and family – and it looks pretty dang awesome after dark.

Tabletop Hour – Harlequins, Knights & Mordenkainen’s Tome

Join us for our new talk show! We’ll be going over Codex Harlequins, Imperial Knights Rumors &  Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes plus Pathfinder 2.

AoS: New Endless Spells Preview – Magic Lives On

In the second edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Magic is taking on a new life of it’s own. With the Endless Spells, Wizards will have all new ways to use magic – but be careful what you wish for.

Warhammer Primarch Art

Artist Miguel Iglesias has some FANTASTIC artwork of Warhammer Primarchs. Prepare to get your mind blown!

Star Wars X-Wing: Take Action With Second Edition

  Fantasy Flight Games previews the second edition of X-Wing’s actions. It looks like everyone is getting a few new tricks up their Ace Piloting Sleeves.

Learn to Play Arena Rex with the Designers

  Grab a glass of wine and make sure you’re wearing your finest toga and tunic! Walker and Frank of Red Republic Game are stopping in to teach us how to play Arena Rex.

GW: New Pre-Orders – Push Fit Warbands

Want to test your hobby skills with small batch paint jobs? Or maybe you just need a couple extra models and want something has a unique look to them. Well GW has a solution for you and they should look very familiar.

What's New