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Pathfinder: Adventure To Distant Realms

The name of the game is Distant Realms. Well, okay the name of the game is Pathfinder, but the name of the book is Distant Realms, and it is exactly what you would expect.

Warmachine: Scharde Dirge Seers Tactics

The Cryx Black Fleet brings along with it another new unit, the Scharde Dirge Seers. Lets check out these pirate witches and talk about the best ways to use their abilities.

D&D: The Touching Story Behind The Tome Of Foes’ Scariest Monster

The origins of the Oblex are surprisingly heartwarming for so horrifying a monster. Proof that even terrors engineered by Mind Flayers can cause feels.

40K: 7 Steps to Build a Great Army List

  Here’s what you NEED to know when building an army that is perfect for your goals!

40K Op-ed: On The Fence About Harlequins

The new Harlequin codex is out and I’m very conflicted about the Followers of Cegoragh. Here’s why.

40K: Wrath And Glory Pre-Orders Start Next Friday

Wrath and Glory will be up for pre-order or “pre-sale” next Friday. Here’s a first look at the Core and Campaign books to celebrate.

Tabletop Gallery: Tilea Lives

Nothing is truly dead as long as someone remembers.

Mynock Squadron MEGA EPISODE: Rebel and Imperial Conversion Kits

X-Wing Pilots: all wings report in! Fantasy Flight unboxed 2nd Edition Conversion Kits!

Geekery: Damon Lindelof to “Remix” Watchmen for New HBO Series

  No one asked for the Zack Snyder version, and no one is asking for another live action version of the highly rated comic book that deconstructs comic books and superheroes. But, we’re getting one.

ToyLand: LEGO and Hasbro to Make Overwatch Toys

  We’re getting everything from themed kits, games, and action figures to NERF guns starting early next year thanks to a new licensing agreement between Blizzard and the two toy companies.

EXCLUSIVE: Privateer Preview – Monsterpocalyse Sneak Peek

Privateer Press has a new BoLS EXCLUSIVE Preview for the upcoming Monsterpocalypse and…it’s kinda cute!

40K BREAKING: Imperial Knight Point Rumors

The Knight Rumormill has spun up again and this time we’re getting a gauge of the point changes for these Imperial Tin-cans. Come see how these point changes will impact your list!

What's New