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40K RUMORS: BoK Grey Knight Nugget

Its been a little while since any new nuggets on the (now official) Grey Knights showed up, but good ole Tasty Taste has something…. well tasty. Blood of Kittens Latest That sounds like Holocaust, but much nastier.  Me thinks the Grey Knights are going to have a definite heads up versus hordes of low quality […]

40K Deep Thoughts – Are Elite Armies Viable?

Hi folks.  I’ve been mulling over all the rumors for the Grey Knights and beyond the specifics of that codex, I’ve been pondering – Can 5th Edition really support “super elite” armies at all? Now first off, lets throw down my own personal definition:  Lets consider a “Super Elite” army to be something with a […]

40K RUMORS: Holiday Grey Knight Chatter

Its late December and that can only mean…time for another Grey Knight rumor roundup! Today we have a couple of summaries rounded up from the Lounge:via Lerra: “The GK codex has been finalized and is currently at the printers. There is a unit in the codex called a “Dreadknight” which is basically a psychically-infused super-terminator […]