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Outside the Box 12-07-12

  Another week gone, time for Outside the Box! We have news from Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Mantic Games, GCT Studios, Infinity, Titan Forge, Taban Miniatures, Stduio McVey, Antimatter Games and Studio38. Enjoy! Warlord Games This week we saw the return of the Italian army to Bolt Action as well as the release of the […]

Outside the Box 11-30-12

  Again I have a lot of nice stuff for you, including news from Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures , Mantic Games, GCT Studios, Infinity, Avatars of War, Infamy Miniatures, Tercio Creativo and Tabletop World, as well as a new bunch of interesting crowdfunding campaigns. Enjoy! Warlord Games Again a lot of interesting new stuff. The […]

Outside the box 11-20-11

  Holy s…, it has been a long time. Well, anyway, some new nice pictures to look at from Outside the Box. Today with Warlord Games, Bane Legion, Spartan Games, MercsMinis, Wyrd Miniatures, MaxMini, and Infinity. Warlord Games I won’t even try cover everything they have released since the last article, so just two highlights. […]