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The Eldar Are Back- Codex Eldar Review (Video)

Today let’s take a look at Eldar codex in detail. the This book ended seven years of waiting on new rules and heck we even got some new models out of it as well! I had chance to break down the Eldar Codex over the release weekend, and it really looks good.  Even after I played a […]

40K Video – New Eldar Model Releases!

Well another GW release has once again crashed against our consciousness, so let take closer look at the new models and see whats good! So today I have for you spankin’ new video unboxings of the sweet new Eldar models; Wraithknight, Wraithguard, Farseer, and the Hemlock Wraithfighter! There were some re-releases as well, but I didn’t really take […]

New June White Dwarf Review & Eldar Pics

As you’ve probably heard, Eldar are on the way.  So being an Eldar player when the new June 2013 issue of White Dwarf came out, I rushed to read the magazine cover to cover.The issue definitely seemed to showcase the new Wraithknight model, as GW continues to show off just what you can do when you’re designing plastic kits on […]