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Outside the Box 08-31-12

  Another week, another Outside the Box. This time with news from Warklord Games, MercsMinis, Mantic Games, Lead Adventure, GCT Studio, Spartan Games, Scibor Miniatures, Vesper-On Games and Secret Weapon Miniatures. Enjoy! Warlord Games Bolt Action gets new tanks, this time the german Flammpanzer B2(f) and soon the Panzer IV Ausf. D: Additionally they added mounted […]

Outside the Box 04-13-12

   Hello, welcome to another issue of Outside the Box, this time with Warlord Games, Bushido, BaneLegion, Spartan Games, MercsMinis, Pulp City,Titan Forge, Mantic Games, Studio Miniatures and On the Lamb Games ! Warlord Games I always got the feeling that I’m saying the same thing over and over again about Warlord Games but the […]

Outside the Box 03-16-12

   Time flies by, it feels like I wrote the last article just yesterday! This week we have news from Warlord Games, Bushido, Spartan Games, Puppetswar, Mantic Games, ArtCrime Productions, MercsMinis, Mantic Games, Lead Adventure, Titan Forge and Cool Mini or Not!Warlord Games Every week I’m amazed of how many new sets these guys release! This […]

Outside the box 11-20-11

  Holy s…, it has been a long time. Well, anyway, some new nice pictures to look at from Outside the Box. Today with Warlord Games, Bane Legion, Spartan Games, MercsMinis, Wyrd Miniatures, MaxMini, and Infinity. Warlord Games I won’t even try cover everything they have released since the last article, so just two highlights. […]

Outside the Box 10-03-11

  Yay, spanish Inquisition style! (Nobody expected me!)Today some news from Warlord Games, Black Scorpion Miniatures, Spartan Games, Freebooter Miniatures, Studio McVey and Kromlech! Also: Test-balooning a new layout! Link on top leads to company homepage, link on bottom leads to more news on the Fix.Warlord Games Unexpected might be the right word to describe […]

Outside the Box 07-11-11

  Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this time I can reject any responsibility for the delay 🙂 It took me 3 days to cross the Pacific by plane, which is never a good thing… Anyway, I’m back with an astonishing array of news from Warlord Games, Infinity, Spartan Games, Kromlech, Wyrd Miniatures, Maelstrom Games, Lead Adventure […]