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Outside the Box 04-12-14

Hello again, this week I give you Sedition Wars, Operation Shadow Hunter, Spiderman, Stim Hounds and Grizzly Walkers! Curious? Then come inside! Studio McVey Plenty of new previews for Sedition Wars this week, including a whole new faction, the Bounty Dogs:  –-> More Studio McVey News Spartan Games The 2nd edition of Dystopian Wars and […]

Outside the box 10-04-13

  Hello everyone, this week in the usual spot and completely done ;). We have news from Warlord Games, Kensei, Spartan Games, Antenociti’s Workshop, Dark Age, Tale of War, Lead Adventure, Puppetswar, Megalith Games and Anvil Industry as well as some very cool new Kickstarter projects! Warlord Games This week we get heaps of new infantry […]

Outside the Box 09-29-13

  Late and posted unfinished, mea culpa. Everything is fixed now, enjoy this weeks round-up of things you should have seen. Warlord Games A rather slow week for Warlord Games: New Ghurkas for Bolt Action and the Dark Judges for Judge Dredd  –-> More Warlord Games News  Spartan Games This week we got artworks of the […]

Outside the Box 09-20-13

  Hello and welcome to Outside the Box, this week with news from Warlord Games, Spartan Games, Mantic Games, Avatars of War, Knight Models, Outlaw Miniatures, Scibor Miniatures, Megalith Games, Chapterhouse Studio. Fantasy Flight Games, GCT Studios and Miniatures of the North and of course new Kickstarter campaigns! Enjoy!Warlord Games Some news for Bolt Action: Imperial Japanese infantry, army deals […]

Outside the Box 08-16-13

  Hello and welcome to another issue of Outside the Box – this week with news from Warlord Games, Spartan Games, Hawk Wargames, Mantic Games, Prodos Games, Perry Miniatures, Dark Age Games, Megalith Games, Knight Models, Troll Forged Miniatures and Miniatures of the North plus three cool new Kickstarter campaign. Enjoy! Warlord Games New Judge Dredd miniatures, […]

Outside the Box 03-22-13

  Welcome to another issue of Outside the Box, this week we have news from Warlord Games, Red Republic Games, Spartan Games, Mantic Games, GCT Studios, Raging Heroes, Miniatures of the North, Otherworld Miniatures, Ninja Division, Scibor Miniatures, Victoria Miniatures and Puppetswar. Enjoy! Warlord Games This week was all about Hail Caesar with two new sets of Dacians […]

Outside the Box 10-12-12

  Hello and welcome to Outside the Box. After missing a week due to a business trip I am back with a lot of news from Warlord Games, GCT Studio, Spartan Games/Studio Sparta, Infinity, Scibor Miniatures, Vesper-On Games, Raging Heroes, Mierce Miniatures, Ax Faction and Miniatures of the North! Warlord Games Beside several other new releases for […]