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First Look Review – White Dwarf #14 New Wood Elves

Well the cat is out of the bag now, and this month Fantasy and 40k players both got something they wanted.This months White Dwarf came with a centerfold poster with the ominous date of 5/24/2014 printed on it, which may or may not indicate a new edition/ update to Warhammer 40k. It also contained a […]

First Look Review – White Dwarf #13 New Wood Elves

Noble denizens of the deep forest rejoice for your army’s time is nigh.The forest stirs, and this month’s White Dwarf previews the new Wood Elf models, and Army book at long last. Once again the “first” magazine of the month is bursting with content and previews, much unlike the previous issue. That fact aside this […]

First Look Review – White Dwarf #12 Astra Militarum, Tools & More

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, where did these tools come from? Seemingly out of no where Games Workshop dropped a hobby bomb(shell) on us and it seems next weeks new releases are a revamp to their already successful line of hobby tools. Gone is the Paint Station and rubberized grip tools line, in is something that looks […]

First Look Review – White Dwarf #11 w/ Astra Militarum

Well in case you haven’t heard, the ‘Guard are here!Sure the may be called the Astra Militarum now, but good luck trying to get that to stick right? Another week and another new White Dwarf has hit showcasing next weeks new releases, and another dose of hobby content to get us though the week. Overall […]

Devour & Consume – Tyranid Codex Review!

The wait is over, Tyranids have arrived to devour the competition!Is this the codex you’ve been waiting for?  Tyranids players know that this release ends the five years of praying for the hive mind to release a new set of rules upgrading their forces. But did that happen? Some say yes, some say no, but […]

40k Review- Forge World Imperial Armor 2 SM War Machines

The newest Imperial Armor Book is HERE; Imperial Armor Two, War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes! Right on the heals of the controversial 40k Escalation supplement, this edition of Imperial Armor collects the rules and fluff for most of the popular Space Marines and Sisters of Battle Forge World kits. It was also the first […]

Pimp Your Fortifications! 40k Stronghold Assault Review

Vortex, Destroyer, and Apocalyptic weapons oh my.  Lords of War aren’t the only things that can spit hot fire! Stronghold Assault contains both new and existing rules for fielding fortifications in games of Warhammer 40k (and yes the Armor 15 Aquila Strongpoint is included for play in these games). The book itself was written by […]

40k Escalation Review – How Will It Affect the Game?

It stands out like a neon billboard on the page; “the rules on these pages enable you to field a Lords of War unit as part of your Warhammer 40k Army.” Not optional, not maybe, not play it if you want, not ask your opponent for permission, nope these are additional rules for 40k now, […]

40k Review – Forge World Horus Heresy II: Massacre by MBG

The newest Horus Heresy supplement for games of 40k er make that games of 30k released recently, and wow what a wild ride this book is! Mostly everyone knows about the Imperium shattering events of the Dropsite Massacre on Istvaan V, but what most of us don’t know is just who some of the new […]

Rising Up- Fantasy Dark Elves Wave 2 Unboxings

The latest Dark Eleves releases have come out, and just like wave 1, these models rock.This installment saw the release of a bunch of new kits including the  Dark Elves Executioners, Dark Riders, Cold One Chariots, as well as a plastic Black Ark Corsair Hero Choice respectively. Gone are the cumbersome oversized hands grasping weapons, […]

40k Review- Apocalypse Warzone Pandorax

The newest supplement for Apocalypse Wazone Pandorax has just released, and if you’re a fan of the super heavy this book is for you. Besides being a good book in general, Games Workshop published rules for several “custom” super heavies and Forge World models that have not had an Apocalypse update yet. Chief among them […]

Triumph & Treachery – New Fantasy Expansion Review

Attacked from all sides, big games of Warhammer Fantasy may never be the same.Grab you buddies and get ready for some exciting games of multi player Fantasy.  This newest expansion makes games of three to five players possible with some pretty interesting rules and score keeping methods. The book itself is about 100 pages, comes […]

40k Apocalypse Review- Wow This Game Got Real!

The wait is over, the Apocalypse is NOW! The new Apocalypse release ends five years of waiting on new rules and heck we even got some new models out of it to boot! I had chance to really dig into the Apocalypse book over the weekend, and get to know the new slightly more complicated […]

New Warriors of Chaos Pics! Feb 2013 White Dwarf Review

I just got done reading the new February White Dwarf featuring the new Warriors of Chaos Models.I have to admit while a Fantasy release was quite a surprise based on all the rumors running rampant towards the end of last month, that system is still very deserving a new book and models.This month’s White Dwarf featured most of the […]