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August 2007

Heresy Era Work: Custodes, Part 1

I decided to build a squad of the emperor’s custodes for our heresy era campaign. Starting with the very nice Space Marine veteran box, I removed their guns and heads (once again, the dremel is a life saver). The head and halberd (spear) are from the fantasy high elf warrior box and the combi-bolter is […]

TEASER: Age of Heresy 2.0 Formations

I said in the earlier teaser thread, that while we were reformatting the codex and adding in all the cool stuff, I was busy adding about a dozen Apocalypse formations for all the crazy Heresy-Era modelers out there. Here is a little peak at one of the Legion formations: A Death Guard Century. And what […]

COMING SOON: Codex: Age of Heresy v2.0

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Aug 21

Hi everybody, I’ve been heads down for a few weeks working on the next version of CODEX: Age of Heresy. (Version 2.0 now with 50% more Heresy!!!) 🙂 It will contain a full color hobby section, tons of new characters, an improved campaign, and several new units such as the Sisters of Silence. Here are […]

SIGHTING: Iron Warriors Baneblade

With all the focus on the standard IG baneblade, it was refreshing to all of followers to the Ruinous Powers to get a look at this baby! It looks a combo of the Chaos Vehicle Sprue and the Baneblade kit (which may be bundled in the same box). It sure is pretty!

TACTICA: Lash of Submission (Part 2)

Guest Columnist 8 Minute Read Aug 18

My last article dealt with using Lash of Submission, so I wanted to spend some time talking about the other side of the table. How do you deal with Lash of Submission as a target. It’s easy to become intimidated by Lash (it is an awesome power), but it has it’s limitations. Let me say […]

Mr. Potato Head Stompa

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Aug 17

Here it is. The dreaded Mr. Potato Head Stompa. burna-boy over at came up with this brilliant idea. It was a pretty simple build. Thin plasticard plates over the whole body followed with a generous application of rivets. To keep as close to the original Mr. Potato Head look I wanted to keep a […]

Stompa Kit??? You make the call…

Here is today’s top story. Here we have a nice shot of 2 Stompas from the Apocalypse book. The big question is are these examples of the upcoming Stompa plastic kit or are these custom scratchbuilds? You make the call!

Ork Teaser

The orks have unearthed a relic from man’s distant past. And no one expected them to do this with it…Here are a few teaser shots from the new ork project I am working on.

TACTICA: Lash of Submission

Guest Columnist 4 Minute Read Aug 12

If you’ve seen the rumors (or got your hands on a copy of the Chaos Space Marine codex), then you’ve heard about Lash of Submission. And according to most of the forums out there, the sky is falling. My prediction is that Lash of Submission will prove to be one of GW’s most annoying and […]

Legio Ignatum Logo Sheet

Hi Everybody, I’ve been going over many of the Titan legions from some of my ancient GW Epic books and picking another good looking scheme for the Loyalists. By popular request I settled on the Legio Ignatum (The Fire Wasps), with their menacing yellow and black striped carapace colors and with red/gold trim and black […]