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November 2007

Coming Soon: BoLS Mini-dexes

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you all know what the Fly Lords are busy cooking up in our labs. The Age of Heresy campaign book, was a great experience and a labor of love for all of us here. we will probably be kicking out a giant full sized (80-90 page) book like it […]

PROJECT: Death Guard Linebreaker Squadron – Part 1

“Somebody call for some backup?” I’ve been posting a little lightly during the turkey day holidays because1) GW news is pretty dead right now2) Ive been building and spraypainting these pretties: Its the start of my Death Guard Linebreaker Squadron. We are approaching the end of our Horus Heresy campaign, and those Palace Walls aren’t […]

PLAY AID: Lords of Battle v1.5

Hi all, Our initial set of Apocalypse datasheets for some of the larger toys like knights and titans have been well recieved. So well in fact, that hot on the heels of our Age of Heresy campaign book, we present you with: Lords of Battle: Epic War-machines and Monstrosities of the 40th Millennia. Here is […]

Making Baneblade armor plates

One of the options that comes with the new baneblades is the ability to drop the sponsons and raise the side armor to 14. Unfortunately, the model does not come with a 3rd set of armor plates to fill this gap. never fear, brave tank commander, BoLS has come to your rescue with step by […]

Warhammer 30,000 League – Week 7

Larry Vela 6 Minute Read November 18

The Heresy League is almost finished, and the treachery of the Warmaster has reached Holy Terra! We had a little over a dozen folks show up at Battleforge Games, and the Warhammer 30,000 League has only 2 weeks to go. This 7th week featured a handful of 2000pt Legion forces bitterly engageing each other, but […]

RUMORS: 40k 5th Edition News

Larry Vela 5 Minute Read November 15

Rumors brought to the community by Warseer’s Shebnar -Well look here: Some exciting 5th edition rumors. Caveat emptor my friends…OK, looking again, it would seem that perhaps 5th Edition is coming next year. A lot of trustworthy folks seem to confirming at least that part of the rumors. OK, I’m going to post these other […]

PLAY-AID: Lords of Battle Casting Call

Hi all, We have almost wrapped up all 24 datasheets for our next supplement: Lords of Battle This supplement will be a single pdf file including a host of the most cherished “big guys” from back in the days of yore. Many of these have old resin models available, and many will require scratch-building from […]

NEWS: Adepticon 2008 Registration Opens

Larry Vela 4 Minute Read November 14

Hi guys, The world’s biggest 40k tournament is open for registration. Adepticon 2008 awaits! Without further ado here is their press release, and I’m sure the Fly Lords will see some you guys there. Registration for the “can’t miss” event of the year is now open! On April 11-13, the Chicagoland area will host three […]

40K NEWS: Even More GW Apocalypse Datasheets

Hi everybody, Today GW finally put up that set of 7 new Formation Datasheets for Apocalypse that they pulled down a couple of weeks back. They include: Terminator Titanhammer Squads Predator Assassin Squadron Chaos Annihilation Force Plague of Zombies Maelstrom of Gore The Great Court of the Young King The Seer Council of Ulthwe GW […]

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