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December 2007

A BoLS preview of 2008

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Dec 28

Here are a few of the articles I am planning for the new year… The final cut of the Arbites Army list for all you Judge Dredd fans out there. Necron obelisk (model guide and data sheet). This one is almost done. I have to say, the model turned out very well. Necron Crypt Spyder […]

RUMORS: Codex: Planetstrike

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Dec 27

-rumors brought to the community by warseer’s: dosadi ~Happy holidays all! Look what Santa left on our doorstep: Ok, since its Christmas I’ll spill what little I know.(…) It just feels like years of developing the game for strict tournament play is no longer the focus of the game…now it’s more about fun and creativity […]

Ho, Ho, Ho from London!

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Dec 24

Hi all, You just can’t keep a good bigred down. After one very turbulent flight over the pond and a week in London, its time for a check in. Your faithful scribe is having a great time. Aside from the minor language mixups and some vague unease regarding the Underground (and its general lack of […]

FIREBASE #5 is out!

FIREBASE #5 is out and you can download it here. It starts with a great cover by Aerion the Faithful (I love his Sisters of Battle!) and ends with a cool short story by Chistopher Allen. In between we get TWO battle reports and a ton of great articles. Overall a fantastic issue! Kudos to […]

Scratch Built Land Raider

Guest Columnist 4 Minute Read Dec 19

The guys over at have done an amazing job of creating templates for making 40k vehicles out of card-stock. When I came looking for a Rogue Trader era land raider, and couldn’t find one for less than $40 on eBay, this was the first place I looked. I picked up their templates, but decided […]

NEWS: New GW Apocalyse Datasheets

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Dec 18

GW put up some new Apocalypse Datasheets. Space Marine Land Raider Ares Space Marine Grey Knights Redeemer Force Chaos The Lost and the Damned Eldar Shadow Sect of Karandras Eldar Sunstorm Squadron Tau Kroot Mercenaries Tau Ranged Patrol Wing (a.k.a. Piranha Swarm) They also added a blank datasheet. Presumably to allow players like us to […]

~Ancient Blood~

Chris Long 6 Minute Read Dec 16

Bregenzian 13th Imperial Guard v.Tir’sahras Craftworld Eldar So I don’t post here very often mainly due to not having any interesting topics to cover. But with bigred being gone I figured someone had to pick up some slack. So recently I realized I certainly play a fair number of games, and what better source material […]

Bigred goes to London

Hi all, For the next 2 weeks BoLS is in the trusty hands of your scribes: Mkerr, Bulwark, and Gentleben. I’m headed over to LONDON for the holidays!!! Now I know we have a lot of readers from London, so if you have advice lets hear it. I will be staying in Kensington quite close […]

What the hell is paint?

Ben Williams 6 Minute Read Dec 14

Ok, so I know what everyone is thinking: “DUH!”. Before you get too insulted, let me say, that I honestly thought a lot about whether this article would be a waste of time to write, but I think it will contain information you might find useful and informative, and I know I’ll be referring back […]

GW Brass Scorpion Construction Guides

Hey guys, check out what GW just put up. Two little guides to building your own Brass Scorpions, including that really cool one from Games Day Chicago with the giant circular saw blades. Brass Scorpion Hobby Guides -I’m thinking the one that uses 3 Defiler kits might be a less popular choice that the one […]

Flaming Skulls Legio Logo Sheet

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Dec 12

Hi Everybody, I’ve been going over many of the Titan legions from some of my ancient GW Epic books and picking another good looking scheme for the Traitors. I have settled on the Flaming Skulls Legio, with their fiery plating and tiger-striped carapace colors with gunmetal trim, these guys look mean! This is the traitor […]

GW Christmas Freebies!! Battle for Armageddon

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Dec 11

Hi all A quick one here. GW through Specialist Games every now and then hands out one of their ancient boardgames absolutely free via Adobe Acrobat for all of us slavish fans. Recently they just released two really good games. I’m talking about Battle for Armageddon and its advanced rules supplement Chaos Attack. For those […]