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January 2008

BoLS Necron Obelisk Apoc Datasheets

Guest Columnist 7 Minute Read Jan 29

We have a double dose of Necron goodness today. First we have 2 new Necron Datasheets featuring the Necron Obelisk (brought over from Epic) and then we have step by step instructions on how you can build your own 40k scale Obelisk. Specialist Games released rules for playing Necrons in Epic a while back. You […]

RIP: Dark Heresy 1/2008 – 9/2008

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Jan 28

Press release from Black Industries:Black Industries regret to announce that Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods out in September will be the final product to be released from Black Industries. Kevin Rountree General Manager of BL Publishing said ‘As a result of the continued and impressive success of our core novels business, which we […]

NEWS: Comments from Jervis

Larry Vela 4 Minute Read Jan 27

This news brought to the community by Warseer’s: DinoDoc via the Relicforums ~It looks like Jervis had a nice chat with some folks at Ireland’s Warpcon. Lets see what’s tidbits are coming out of the Emerald Isle: Liber ApocalypicaApril among other things will see the release of Liber Apocalyptica, which deals with different sections of […]

NEWS: FW Baneblade Kits and More…

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Jan 26

Hi guys, Here is your weekend roundup: ForgeworldThe modular Baneblade kits are available for order. The following kits can be had for £85.00 apiece and include the basic Baneblade parts on top of the resin upgrade pieces. Shadowsword Stormblade Stormsword 5th EditionWord is that GW has now handed info down to the retail stores confirming […]

NEWS: 40k RPG: Dark Heresy Available

Hi Folks, Today Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Dark Heresy shipped. I have briefly thumbed through a copy of it and Wow is it a beautiful piece of work! Almost 400 full color pages of RPG goodness, stuffed full of all the character classes, skills, weapons, and maps you would expect from a solid 40k offering from […]

NEWS and RUMORS: Daily Omnibus

Hi everyone! ApocalypseFirst off we have GW’s release of the new Ork Apocalypse datasheets. Green Tide Ork Minelayer Ork Submersible Ork Pulsa Rokkit Shokk Attack Battery Ork Trukk Konvoy ForgeworldNext up we have news pointing to the release of Forgeworld’s Imperial Armor 6 (Siege of Vraks part 2) in March. It should emphasize the Chaos […]

Adeptus Custodes Pictures.

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Jan 23

By popular demand, here are more pics of the Adeptus Custodes.Images of their creation can be found here and here. Info on their transport can be found here.As always, you can click on any of the images so see a larger picture.

Painting Tutorial: Hivefleet Calavera

Chris Long 2 Minute Read Jan 22

So I have had a few people ask, so I though I’d knock out a tutorial for my new Nid paint scheme. Step 1: First off I undercoat the model. I undercoat 100% by hand using basic paints. Some people say you need true ‘primer’ but in my expierience there is no real difference. Step […]

Warhammer 30,000 League – Week 9

Larry Vela 8 Minute Read Jan 19

The Heresy League reaches its climax, and the Imperial Palace’s Inner Sanctum is under siege! We had over a dozen folks show up at Battleforge Games, for the Austin 2007-8 Warhammer 30,000 League’s final game. This 9th week featured the Siege of the Inner Sanctum. It was an Apocalypse game where 25,000 pts per side […]

Spy vs Spy?

Ok folks, everyone knows what the talk of the town is today. I’m not going to get into details, but once again there has been a “Leak” onto the internet. Lets take a look back over the past year and add some things up. GW has now seen at least its last 4 major publications […]

RUMORS: 40k 5th Edition – Round 4!

Larry Vela 4 Minute Read Jan 16

Rumors brought to the community by warseer’s Champsguy: ~And the beat goes on….Following up on the 3rd set of 5th Edition rumors we see this new list with even more tidbits for us to chew on. Lets dive right in: Shooting-Blast weapons don’t roll to hit, they just scatter. They now operate like template weapons […]

PROJECT: Bell of Lost Souls Family Photo

Guest Columnist 6 Minute Read Jan 15

(bigred and mkerr, surrounded by their toys) In early December, Bigred and I were having lunch to discuss the blog, an upcoming tournament or some juicy rumor and somehow the conversation drifted to our armies and how much grief we get from our families about our massive collections. One of us wondered aloud what it […]