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February 2008


The latest round of FW new releases has the forces of the Death Guard coming to Vraks. These upgrade kits are hopefully first in a line of upgrade kits covering many of the first founding legions. I really like these new Plague Marines. They are really similar to the old 2nd ed. guys, which have […]

Capitol Imperialis: 40k scale

Yes, I am making a Capitol Imperialis, and yes, I probably should seek help. Seeing something on paper, and reading how large it’s dimensions in 40k would be, is quite different that seeing the actual beast in real life. I had no idea how much of the actual table top this thing will take up. […]

BoLS Maintenance

As some of you are aware, there has been some spam links posted in our comments. Personally, I think this is a rogue element of the Mantis Warriors space marine chapter trying to infitrate the blog. In order to curb this Mantis Warrior incursion, we have implemented Text Verification when posting.Hopefully, this should cut down […]

RUMORS: IG Minis in the Works

rumors brought to the community by warseer’s: asmodai_dark86 Hi guys, early scuttbutt says that the Imperial Guard are getting some serious loving by the design studio. We are hearing of things such as: -Plastic Stormtroopers-Plastic Greatcoat Guard (with interchangable bits with the current Cadians)-Plastic turret/accessory tank sprues (say goodbye to the metal Hellhound, and Demolisher […]

BoLS POLLS: 5th Edition Fever…

Good day everybody, So 5th is coming up fast and we have a good idea of all the cool stuff thats coming with it. So the weekly question is, what are you planning on picking up and why? Are you guys a “just the facts maam” rulebook-only type of crowd, or do you want all […]

SNEAK PEAK: Codex Daemonic Legions

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read February 22

They are coming…..HQ:Special characters: Kugath the Plaguefather Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch Skarbrand the exiled one God-specific Greater Demons: (significantly more potent and costly than the CSM Major) Bloodthirster (don’t even try using psychics agasint these guys) Keeper of Secrets (dance marine-boy dance…you’ll see) Lord of Change (tons of shooting, can split fire) Great Unclean (a […]

NEWS: Dark Heresy RPG Lives!

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read February 22

Well, well, well… It looks like GW hasn’t shut the door on their RPGs and boardgames after all, but have merely off-loaded them to a 3rd party vendor. Fantasy Flight Games press release: Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop jointly announced today that they have reached an agreement for Fantasy Flight Games to become the […]

The Methalor Penal Auxillia

Chris Long 2 Minute Read February 21

Convict Colonel CashCharges: Murdered his family at the age of eight. Multiple homicides upon Methalor. So much to my own chagrin I have decided to work on two armies at the same time. The Tyranids are numerous and the color-scheme takes its toll, so I decided to slowly work on these guys as well. The […]

NEWS: Gav Thorpe exits stage right…

Folks the news is flowing hot and heavy on this one, but it looks like Gav Thorpe is leaving GW. Reasons are unknown for now. There are unsupported rumors regarding other Design Studio personalities who may or may not be departing… More as we get it.

Terrain Building Extravaganza

About a year ago I started a series of easy to follow terrain building posts. Since then, BoLS readership has gone through the roof. So, here is a brief recap of some of the terrain building articles that you may have missed.We’ve changed our formatting since these were originally published, so some of the text […]

SNEAK PEAK: Dark Eldar Haemonculus

Image brought to the community by warseer’s GeOrc Well everybody, look at that! New Dark Eldar sculpts from GD Spain. Our long national nightmare is finally over (or is it only beginning…I forget). ~ I think that guy holding the spine looks awesome. These seem very much in the style and proportions of the new […]

SNEAK PEAK: Soulgrinder/ New Daemons

Chris Long 2 Minute Read February 17

Image brought to us from GD Spain via Waseer’s Pentagram Sam Here we have the new Soulgrinder, Heralds, and some clearer pics of previously seen things. from Codex Daemons. More and more things are showing as we get closer to the release. I can’t wait to see the rules the Soulgrinder has. And those new […]

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