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March 2008

NEWS: Chaos Daemons up at the Online Store

Hey Gang, We’re getting close now. GW has added the new codex and army to the online store. Head on over to the UK store to check out pics and prices of the full Chaos Daemons range. ~ As usual, it would seem that certain minis which looked iffy upon first glance look better when […]

GW Canada loves us!

Check out the latest “Voxcaster” podcast from GW-Canada. Especially check out the section about 80% in, where they talk about little old us! Voxcaster Episode 5 ~Pretty cool

Capitol Imperialis Update 2

Here is a short update on the Cap Imperialis for a slow news day. The front and sides are on as well as a much improved wheel section. I decided to go with a solid wall on the top instead of the crenelations mostly because it was easier to make it look right. There will […]

SNEAK PEAK: Yet more Codex Daemon Minis

images brought to the community by warseer’s: Philbrad Check em out boys and girls! We have some new closeups of several of the new plastic daemons. ~That Daemonette with the floating ethereal hair is really growing on me. I also like the old-school throwback Bloodletters. Those of you who still have the ancient Realms of […]

RUMORS: Drop pods with Codex:Space Marines

OK, its not a super fresh one, but scuttlebutt now says the much rumored plastic drop-pod has been confirmed as a plastic kit to go alongside the new Space Marine codex coming on the heels of 5th edition later this year. The kit is said to have optional sprues to allow it to built as […]

Death Guard Obliterators

Hi guys, You didn’t think our constant news trawling and that little Macharian Crusade thing would keep us from adding to our collections did you? I present 4 Obliterators done up in the Death Guard pre-heresy paint scheme. It looks like these four ex tech-marines, wont be fixing any more broken tracks on rhinos. ~These […]

The Arch-Maniac of Calvera

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Mar 24

One of the nice things about being a Fly Lord is being able to prepare your army for the campaigns long before anyone else has a look at the book. The Arch-Maniac of Calvera is one such example. In the Macharian crusade, some of the armies will pass through ork space controlled by a giant […]

SNEAK PEAK: Forgeworld World Eaters

Hey Guys, check out the latest coolness from Forgeworld: ~These guys make for a great follow-up to the earlier FW Death Guard models. I’m thinking the Death Korps of Krieg are going to run into some tough opposition in The Siege of Vraks: Part 2

PLAY-AID: Ordo Hereticus Strike Force from BoLS

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Mar 18

!DOWNLOAD THE ORDO HERETICUS STRIKE FORCE MINI-DEX HERE! After an incredibly long and painful gestation period, I’m proud to announce the release of Bell of Lost Soul’s latest Mini-Dex: The Ordo Hereticus Strike Force. Inspired by an article written by Andy Hoare in Citadel Journal #49, this mini-dex allows you to create an elite and […]

NEWS: Chaos Apocalypse datasheets on the way

Hi all, It looks like GW is kicking out a ton of chaos Apocalypse goodness. The latest White Dwarf (340) contains the following 4 datasheets: Thousand Sons Warcoven (rubric marines and terminators) Banelord of Khorne (chaos warlord) Defiler Assault Force (3-6 defilers) Chaos Conclave (handful of named characters and daemon princes) The following others have […]

So you wanna run a 40k RPG?

Apparently Fantasy Flight Games is hiring someone to run the Dark Heresy line. Do you think you have what it takes? Check out the job posting here. ~ Its always nice to see them taking the time to hire someone with expertise in the universe, instead of just handing it off to an internal staffer.

~Dire Foes~

Chris Long 5 Minute Read Mar 14

Hivefleet Calavera v.Bregenzian 13th Imperial GuardBack again with another battle report. Here we have Kings’ Tyranid-hunting IG come back for a second go, this time with a more appropriate foe, Tyranids! This is the same force I used last time, hopefully its more successful this time. Next report should be with my Methalor IG. So […]