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January 2009

Apocalypse Scratchbuilding: A Cautionary Tale

Scratchbuild for Apocalypse can be a lot of fun, and with all the great units mentioned in the Apoc books, there is no shortage of ideas. However, scratchbuilding apocalypse models has an unspoken dark side: storage. Our loyal readers may remember the Capitol Imperialis I build last year. It’s an amazing model and everyone at […]

NEWS: GW Financials and BoLS Upgrades

Hi guys, A couple of things to chew on as we head into the weekend. GW 2008-2009 Interum FinancialsGames Workshop, our favorite plastic crack manufacturer has released some of their interum numbers for the world to see. Take a gander at those folks. BoLS UpgradesWe have finally figured out how to add related posts links […]

40K SNEAK PEEK: Ork Stompa Sprues

Look what 40k goodie wandered in front of my camera…. Have at it guys. ~Note the size of some of those stompa sprue frames compared to the ruler. Some of these sprues may be larger than the Baneblades. This baby is BIG in person. Look at that chainsaw arm piece for example, its almost as […]

NEWS: Dawn Of War II and Astronomican

Hey guys, A couple of items today. Dawn of War IIYou’ve followed the coverage, and drooled at the previews. Wait no longer, the demo is now open to all! Go here to find out more. Astro Mag #3Our good friends over at Astronomican have released Astro Mag Issue #3. Go get it and enjoy even […]

EPIC: Gods of War – Titans and War Engines

A guest article by Global Epic-Evangelist: GR00V3RFor me, the most compelling artworks describing war in the 41st Millennium are those that show great armies tearing each other apart over a nameless battlefield. Frequently, these works feature massive Titans that tower high above the forces battling on the ground. These gigantic machines unleash raging torrents of […]

HOBBY: Kustom Ork Tank Trakks

I always have a weakness for cool conversions and when I spotted these “kustom konverted” Orky tracks in my local Battle Bunker a few weeks ago I knew I just had to share them with all the great hobbyists out there. The builder of these painstaking link-by-link track conversions was kind enough to share some […]

EDITORIAL: What’s Wrong With 40K Today

Hi all, Jwolf here. Goatboy has been posting tournament lists and strategies for a while, and getting enormous amounts of vitriol in response. I took that in stride, as his articles are about some of the more obnoxious elements of 40K tournament list construction and unpleasant strategies. Now that Bigred has met with similar comments […]

Marines Errant Logo Sheet

The Badab Series moves on… Here we have the Marines Errant. These guys have had several run-ins with their nemisis, the Red Corsairs. The chapter recently lost a majority of their gene-seed to to Huron Blackheart in a daring raid on their Fortress-Monastary on Vilamus I have been noting (again) that GW does a great […]

Exorcists Logo Sheet

The Badab Series moves on… Here we have the Exorcists. These guys are also featured in the new Marine codex, and apparently initiate every aspirant into the chapter by possessing them with a daemon, then exorcising it! They aren’t Grey Knights, but that is some crazy anti-chaos rites right there! I have been noting (again) […]