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February 2009

EDITORIAL: Rise of the 40k Blogosphere

Larry Vela 5 Minute Read Feb 28

Rise of the 40K BlogosphereSomething has been stirring on the internet. We here at Bell of Lost Souls have been along for the ride into the new world of 40k blogging. No matter your platform of choice, whether it Blogger, WordPress or something else entirely, blogging seems to be here to stay when it comes […]

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Nurgle Details

Well, it looks like Forgeworld got out details on our mysterious Nurgle Daemon Prince pretty quick. Check out the links below: Even more Pics360 Animated View (very cool) ~Apparently this fellow is is called “Mamon the Herald”, and will be appearing in the Upcoming Siege of Vraks:3. You should really check out the animated 360 […]

40K REVIEW: Gunheads

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Feb 27

A review by Timo Gunheads – Steve ParkerThis winter, it seems we are being bombarded with Imperial Guards novels. Since most of the infrantry regiment has been incorporated in past novels, Steve Parker now brings us a story about tanks. Parker gets some serious brownie points for this choice of topics! After all, who doesn’t […]

BoLS-THQ Dawn of War 2 Quiz Winners

Hi everybody. We recieved hundreds of entries for our Dawn of War 2 Trivia Quiz, so thank you all for joining in. We have gone through the corrent entries and randomly selected our winners. Drum Roll please… 1st PlaceMichael de JongCanadax1 T-Shirt (L)x1 Body Warmer (L)x1 Dog Tagx1 Rucksackx1 Battlegear Keyring 2nd PlaceDave ScrivenAustralia x1 […]

40k SNEAK PEEK: Nurgle Daemon Prince?

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Feb 26

Hi folks, Sometimes stuff just drops out of thin air around here, and today as I was painting up some Druchii, BoLS reader Mike said he was looking around at some cool new Warhammer 40k minis on Forgeworld and stumbled upon this fellow: As a Grandfather Nurgle player, and card-carrying member of the Death Guard, […]

40k CHALLENGE Reminder: Badab APCs…

Just a friendly reminder guys to get those Badab APC Challenge entries in. We are exactly one week in, and have one week to go before the deadline of midnight the 4th of March. Remember that if you don’t enter, you won’t be able to win the brand new Land Raider BoLS is giving away. […]

40k NEWS: Stompa Apoc Sheet Spotted

Hi Guys, A trusty BoLS reader snapped this guy in a store in the UK. Check it out, its a stompa-aircraft carrier (kind of)… This one may be isn’t in the White Dwarf, but we had not heard of it specifically yet. ~I really like the concept of Apocalypse “named characters” and would like to […]

EPIC: Death From Above!

Larry Vela 10 Minute Read Feb 25

A guest article by Global Epic-Evangelist: GR00V3R In the 41st Millennium, armies do not just fight on the ground. Much like real world modern militaries, the forces in Warhammer’s dark future consist of infantry, armour, aircraft and spacecraft, each doing their part in the battle, contributing to combined-arms actions and generally functioning as a cohesive […]

40K HOBBY: Deathwing Land Raiders

Guest Columnist 4 Minute Read Feb 24

A little more than a year past I had a go at building an all plastic Land Raider Crusader for myself before the new kit was announced, using plastic bits from other kits and old bolter sprues to complete the project*. With the new Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader kit now available, I decided to add a […]

40K PLAY-AID: Army of Death

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read Feb 24

Hi Everybody, As promised, the Blood Angels Army of Death is upon YOU! The playtesters are all playtested out, the proofreader’s eyes are sore and we’ve had a lot of fun with this one. Within this 10 page Warhammer 40k mini-dex you will find: -Background-Modeling section-Army List-2 Special Characters-AoD Missions-Apocalypse Datasheet-Lots of cool fluff and […]

NEWS: War of the Ring

Guest Columnist 2 Minute Read Feb 23

War of the Ring related products, including the new rule book, plastic Ent and plastic Army of the Dead, are now available for Advance Order from GW. Other new products include Isenguard Uruk-Hai Commanders, Minas Tirith Commanders, Morannon Orc Commanders, Sons of Eorl, Rohan Commanders, Grey Company, and Halbarad. It appears that the price of […]